49ers angling for Vick at QB

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Sicc OG
Jul 21, 2002
well they do need a QB, anything would be better than what they are rolling with right now.

Vick has been locked up though, hes probably gonna be pretty rusty
Apr 25, 2002
I miss his ass in the leauge tho the constant highlights every week....
That's the problem. People see his highlights and think he's a good QB, when in fact he's a shitty QB that can run due to the field being wide open while the secondary is busy covering the receivers. Put Vick at RB and he won't be doing SHIT. He never does SHIT through the air. And I've heard all the excuses about him never having a line and never having good receivers, blah blah blah. Roddy White looks GREAT with a decent QB.
Apr 25, 2002
The 49ers have high hopes for a quarterback who was picked first in the draft and whose career has been on ice for the last year and a half. But his last name is Smith, not Vick. A couple of reports yesterday looked at the some of the 49ers' recent moves - interviewing Hue Jackson and Dan Reeves, signing Jimmy Williams - and connected the dots to Michael Vick, the former Falcons cornerback currently behind bars for dog fighting. What the reports didn't look at was:

1. The 49ers' first choice for offensive coordinator was Scott Linehan, who has no ties to Vick.
2. Good character has been a top criterion for the 49ers in recent years. Guys who run dog-fighting operations from their homes don't exactly fit that description.
3. Mike Singletary doesn't suffer fools. "Cannot play with them, cannot win with them, cannot coach with them. Can't do it. I want winners!"
4. The 49ers don't think their quarterback situation is as dreary as everyone else does.
5. It would be asinine to hire an offensive coordinator based on the possibility that he could help you land a quarterback who hasn't thrown a pass since 2006, is currently incarcerated and who may or may not be suspended for the rest of his life.
6. And one more thing - the 49ers say they have no intention of pursuing Vick.
http://www.sacbee.com/static/weblogs/49ers/archives/018918.html?mi_rss=49ers%20Blog and Q&A

Good news.

Matt Barrows is an official 49ers beat writer and knows this team as well as anyone. We are not pursuing Mike Vick.