100s aka KossiKo Thread

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Apr 25, 2002
great fuckin video!

kinda wack if he is indeed changing his name/style considering he was just starting to get some traction/fame as 100s. really doesn't make sense.

"i was just on a bunch of the top music websites, GTA V soundtrack, etc. - i guess its time to change my name!"

May 9, 2002
I noticed a while back he went quiet on his twitter and webpage and I guess this shit popped up a few weeks ago: KOSSISKO .

Not bad if you're into the Prince shit but I though he was way ahead of the rap game and probly the only rapper still trying to do G Funk left.
100's is dead. He has a new persona now and will do music under that new psuedoname. This was said by him an in interview awhile back.