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    People either don't listen. Or don't know talent

    Props to awax. Been supportin for years. Nothin but progress. I see u my dude. Standard set. Keep the shit comin I appreciate it
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    i been called a defensive person my whole life but i got nothin on this..and lol @NoT tryin to impress men but posting hella shit on a website damn near 99%male..lighten up bruh opinions are behind whatever success anybody ever achieved across the board and noone is perfect so it aint always...
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    DB Tha General Thread

    ignorant ass fools..whoever talks the loudest and fastest wins the argument or what..i guess when your plan all along is to incriminate yourself and put your biz on blast for the sake of looking cool your not going to allow the other party to speak they piece ....if shit like this ends badly...
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    song sucks
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    New c-lim/ brotha lynch hung video

    [email protected] rappin super active "on crip"!!
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    i never been a "fan" of eminem..but always respected his ability...and although papoose is a dope rapper i see eminem shittin on him if that battle ever happened..em just has a style that is not only super unique but when he goes off....its ridiculous
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    Rapper "Rick Ross" recieves very special Birthday Present

    [email protected] eating a 3 piece meal..all [email protected] in the mornin while his girlfriend/groupie sits there texting her friend talkin bout "we just ate like 30minutes omg smh"
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    Krayzie Bone cooking bacon in Dubai

    wow like O-M-G kraze bone totally cookin some fricking interesting huh girl!
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    Free Sacred Apparel

    @SacRED good lookin on the package man yall came thru! only prob is i forgot to mention im 6'0 230lbs these xl's dont fit! haha..if u got any leftover 3xl ill take um! if not good looks regardless and im bout to roll out and bump this krypto joint in the ride
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    legend FC

    i never heard of this shit but seen it on pay per view for 19.95 so i said fuck it..shit has been pretty fuckin dope so far..its based in china or japan i think..feel free to correct me if you have knowledge on this..cuz i dont have a clue but pretty fuckin enjoyable so far
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    holy shit..crazie locs "split boogie"..repost? fuck u
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    bellator MMA

    mma fans..what r ur thoughts..its def not the ufc but holy shit great main event tonight.....dope to see right after ufc..and it was free for us folks with mtv2
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    ^^ no u were right first time..not dope imo...i mean the whole shit wasnt crackin
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    brewbeastly.mp3 - 4.29MB
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    NEW TRACK "LIFE" by BREW ruff edit MENACE RECORDS 2011

    brewbeastly.mp3 - 4.29MB