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    Recommended Show: Scandal

    I just started watching Scandal with Kerry Washington and it's surprisingly well-written.. The first season's on Netflix and recommended..
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    Flying Taco Delivery
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    30 years of Music Industry revenue

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    2011 Annual Steelers Thread

    Here we go again! On paper, the Steelers are loaded. Nothing's for certain in the NFL, anyone could go down on any play, but it's hard not to be excited this year.. The WR core, Ben, Polamalu just re-upped for 4 more years, Pouncey, Timmons looks poised to dominate and the list goes on.. I'm...
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    Letter to My Son - Don Trip

    vQGUz-ntEPE I didn't see this on here. I'm diggin' it at the moment. I miss the days when rap was about some real shit..
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    **NEW** Alice In Chains - A Looking In View

    I think the album's all right. It seems a little lackluster. There aren't any real stand-out tracks to me..
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    If you liked City of God..

    I highly recommend Elite Squad (Tropa de Elite.) From Netflix: In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, some cops are just as crooked as the drug lords who run the slums. On the brink of retirement -- and burnout -- Capitão Nascimento (Wagner Moura) must find a trustworthy successor to lead a dangerous...
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    **NEW** Alice In Chains - A Looking In View

    This dropped today. Anyone listen to it yet?
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    "Any last words?"

    The last words, crimes, pictures, ages and ethnicity of Texas' executed..
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    Cross Fit?

    Anyone know about this site? It's got some cool shit on it, but today's is just plain loco.. For time: 1 mile Run 100 Pull-ups 200 Push-ups 300 Squats 1 mile Run Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you've got a twenty pound vest or body...
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    Is this still the Siccness??

    Why are people getting banned for talking shit? What the fuck is that?! That's what the Siccness is. We've been clowning on each other since the very beginning.. Music's dying. Rap's dead. Talking shit is the only thing keeping this site going. I think all the nazi shit needs to end. It started...
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    Gimpy - You need a new team!

    I almost felt bad. The Steelers playing the Browns is like watching someone beat up on their little sister.. Proof: :confused:
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    Anyone going to the Chargers game?

    I should be down there with the thousands of other Steelers fans that are going to take over San Diego. Anyone else gonna be there?
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    I'm gonna pick up the album later today and I'll post my thoughts in about a week after it's soaked in a little, but I liked the first 2..
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    3rd Official Siccness BBQ Details..

    Saturday, September 23rd - 12PM Crown Point at Mission Bay, San Diego Spot #3 on the map. There is a lake in the middle of the park, basketball courts, bbq pits, covered eating areas, jetski's are available for rent and we're working on gettting some jumpers for the kids.. This is a family...