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    how bout barrington levi.
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    Dumb ass Cheerleader

    I got this shit from another forum but this shit is too funny. hahahha
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    Norv Turner Hired as niners OC! What do you think bout this? He has a good track record as a OC but sucked as a head coach.
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    Madden Online

    Was up I'm tryin to get down with some folks online. Anybody wanna challenge me holla. I wanna see the skillz of the siccness group. Ill give you my SN if anyone wanna get down. Peace.
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    CAR HELP!!

    So I went to the DMV to get my registration recently and they told me that i have to get my car certified because its salvage now cause some fool hit me. Does anyone know a place where they do this shit around san jose / santa clara. Thanks for the help in advance.
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    Create Your Own Ringtones!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the website to download a program to make your own ring tones. I'm not sure how much it cost cause i bought mine a while back but it works proper. Its called Voice Tones 4.7.
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    Nasty Break!!!!

    Check this shit out!!
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    Alex Smith Signs!!!!!!

    heres the story: Yeeeeee!!!! Good new for us niner folks.
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    Mother fuckas jock me cause im dope and i be flowin suckas try to stop me but i only keep on goin im simply not the type who like to kick wit a square i kicks it wit a bitch that philty rich cause im a playa time and time again man niggas always ask me why do hoes jock you when spit raps to...
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    What are good "Break Up" songs?

    Cellski-Hoestories...thats a great song to put on ur list.
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    Would you shit on a breezy if she asked u too?

    For real what would you do? I think i would just bounce out once she said that. That shit is fucken nasty. What if you did and she started rubbing it all on her tits and her body. haha
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    So I was chillin this weekend drinking and beating out. All the shit u do when ur bored but i normaly dont drink myself stupid for no reason. But i did. Me and my boy drank about 10+ beers and about 7+ shots. The shots came after the beer which is usually not good but all this happened from...
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    E-40: 1-Luv

    Me and my boy was having a conversation about this song at work at the very begining where it goes you have a collect call from" hey this yo patna mayne" and my boy was saying that the fool hella sounded like mac dre. But we were both like nah it couldnt be cause the mac and 40 water never got...
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    Head or [email protected]?

    If a girl gave u a choice and said you can only choose one which would u choose? Also when she domes you up she's going to swallow for sure. Whats the choice?
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    thong th th th thong.....

    ^^^^^^^^^^^I would have to agree with u..This is the post of the year!!!