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    J. VALENTINE'S, "SHE WORTH THE TROUBLE" SINGLE TO IMPACT RADIO ON FEBRUARY 26TH so.... i guess this means itll be released nationwide on the 26th? album dropping summer??? maajor moves. good look, for the info. first time in awhile since ive gone to the siccness homepage haha
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    E-40 PERFORMANCE @ Hot Import Nights 07-San Mateo PRESALE $15/$20/$25 ONLY!!

    $15 for e-40 performance and hot chicks, and yeah.. the cars. on Saturday, MARCH 10 @ San Mateo Expo Center. 5PM - Midnight. hosted by Angel of Wild 94.9 and knowing 40, there'll probably be other sic wid it fam in the house.. hopefully. buy your tickets at WWW.HINTICKETS.COM PRESALE...
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    BUY Game's Doctor's Advocate album (or almost any other album) for $3.18.

    ...discovered this deal, and passing it on to the fellow siccness heads: SUPPORT The Game's new album, or any other 'new' album on sale for dirt cheap. thing is, you gotta sign up for Google Checkout: Google will give you $10 towards ANY...
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    that time again 10/26-28: Footlocker 30% (+additional 10% if over $100) - ENJOY.
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    J VALENTINE ft. KEAK .. premiering RIGHT NOW on kmel

    listen now... they didnt say the name, but i'm guessing it's.. J. VALENTINE ft. KEAK DA SNEAK - KEEP IT GOIN
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    cheatin ass Jiffy Lube got cauuuught investigation report on jiffy lube and how they hella scam customers. 5 outta 9 jiffy lubes in the LA area charged for stuff that they never did.. check it out, pretty interesting
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    Jamie Foxx-Unpredictable

    it's a good album. i was impressed by how good it was. dude's talented. most of the album is good: dj play a love song, do what it do, get this money, storm, u still got it, unpredictable, vip, warm bed, with you
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    poor orange.. check it out.. it's HILARIOUS

    i seriously couldn't stop laughing: hahahhahahah... my sister sent it to me, and i googled the name, and here's the background behind the picture if you're interested:
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    YA BOY - ROCKSTAR ft. none other than... KFED/KEVIN FEDERLINE!! haha

    haha yep, it's official, they got a track together: Ya Boy - Rockstar ft. Kevin Federline BIG PROPS to pimpsaucekrew for ripping it. it actually wasn't as bad as i expected.. check it out for yaself
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    the TEAM - "top of the world" (link) - is it NEW???

    the TEAM - "top of the world" (link) - NEW!!! finally heard a new Team song that i havent heard before haha. heard it on e-rock's bomb bay radio.. i thiink it's called 'top of the world' that's like the main phrase. anyone have any word/info on this track?? is it gonna be off 'world...
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    WCR: Balance Readies "Young & Restless" Debut Album (Audio)

    Balance Readies "Young & Restless" Debut Album (Audio) March 12, 2006 by What up westcoast. The time is finally here! Balance is only days away from releasing his solo debut album, Young & Restless. Dropping on San Francisco based SMC under his own Ayinde Music, this project has been...
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    MUSIC VIDEO OF THE GAME'S REMIX TO "TELL ME WHEN TO GO" hahhaa............. it's a bunch of clips put together. of course it's not official, found it on myspace. but, it's pretty well done. this same guy did a video for babyface assassins & keak da sneak's...
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    YA BOY - FOCUS (NEW!!!! and yes, leechers, there's a link)

    YA BOY - FOCUS (ripped from dj skee's westside hype show, so yes it's got those damn dj addins) i'm hellaaa feelin' it "he move to hollywood, do he think he turn his back on the hood? nevahh! he think he on top, but he ain't there yet he...
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    alriight.. this poll was bound to happen.. both came out bout the same time, both hott remixes. and by now, y'all shoulda already DLed the radio rips, props to kaijin of course. personally, my vote goes to gotta get it! all 3 verses are gooood. can't wait for CD-Q of bothh BALANCE - GOTTA GET...
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    "GOTTA GET IT" REMIX, "3 FREAKS" REMIX ????? i just heard balance's 'gotta get it' remix, kmel played it at 5:15pm todaay.. same beat, balance's verse is a biiit different, and it's featuring mistah f.a.b. and san quinn. quinndo's voice didnt really mix in with the beat...