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    album is hard
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    Luni Coleone 2K16 - Profit to Paper

    @coop .....Can we get a Luni interview?
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    Welcome to the 707

    @Defy Joes buffet - best sandwiches around. get the roast beef Mediterranean spot - Chicken shawarma plate is smacking Daves burger - great! they don't sell fries so you'll have to get 2 of them, they only take cash tho. Monsoon burger - damn good prices high but the food is great. Chez sol...
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    Young Gully new song - I'm Back off Bermuda part 2 dropping Dec 15th

    You post music in a public forum you get feedback which consists of peoples opinions wether you agree with them or not. Good luck to the artist and i hope he makes money, reaches people or whatever his goals are in the rap game.
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    Young Gully new song - I'm Back off Bermuda part 2 dropping Dec 15th

    I'm a cornball because I'm not feeling the artists video you posted? I hope he makes himself some money and takes it to the next level..Nothing against him personally but those bars he's spitting are below average to me.
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    Husalah Xfest fight

    @TAY CAPONE1 You propped this post. Are you agreeing that he told to save himself? If so, is that ok with you?
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    Cookie Money??

    Rap wise IMO hes weak....
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    We are in Sacramento tomorrow to face the Sacramento Hurricanes...Weigh in at 8. @kontac good luck tomorrow...
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    Will that be paper or phone?

    I wrote these on my phone. My feelings stay the same weather its paper or phone.
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    Aaron Hernandez

    What did this cat get himself into? Smashed security cameras and a broken cell phone? The cat that got murdered is his girlfriends sister's boyfriend. Mr. Hernandez is also in trouble for shooting someone in the face at a strip club. Video images appear to show Aaron Hernandez with Dorchester...
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    The Official Oakland Raiders 2012 Offseason Thread

    @Tony huff going to Baltimore should be a good fit for him. he has good ball skills at FS
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    Best HD Album

    Im not 2 familiar with him but from the readings on this board and doing some you-tube research im gonna support this cat... What Album should I get..Give me your opinions and why you think that album is the strongest....I want an album with original beats if possible...Thanks for the input..
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    Bavgate Official Thread