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  1. J

    no Ball(s) State

    Why were people wanting this team in a BCS bowl??????
  2. J

    Killa Klump??

    Does anyone know whats going on with him? Is he putting anything out soon?
  3. J

    metal monday

    In flames is the fuckin shit! i should check this out... what is the name of the last video??
  4. J

    Albums you have liked so far from 2008 thread.

    How does gods of the earth compare to age of winters?
  5. J

    Female lead bands...

    Within Temptation
  6. J


    is sizzla considered reggae?
  7. J

    Mount Baker

    me and some friends are driving an RV all over the northwestern US and stoping in baker for a few. Is there any sort of town near the mountain? is there any good night life?
  8. J


    thank you sir
  9. J


    Does anyone have this song that they could maybe put on yousendit?
  10. J

    Celph Titled

    Anyone know if he is coming out with a new album anytime soon?
  11. J

    Ipod DAta transfer program

    Does anyone have a free full version of an ipod data transfer program. So that i can transfer my music from my Ipod to my PC? my computer crashed and i lost all my music and now my ipod only plays music out of one head phone. Apple will replace the ipod but not transfer the music those fuckers
  12. J

    County Jail

    On monday i have to go to county jail for 10 days because of a second DUI. I have never been to jail other than a couple of overnighters. I was wondering what the daily routine is. Do I just sit in a cell for like hours on end? Are you allowed to read? Go outside? WTF do you do to pass the time...
  13. J

    Any good comedy cd's i should download?

    Bill Burr, Brian Regan
  14. J


    Go get this shit it is fuckin bangin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See DuB!!
  15. J


    University of Utah still rollin!!!! Fiesta Bowl showdown with Miami??? Bring it on!!! See you in Arizona