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    I Need a Digital-Camera for photoshoots (any recomendations) (Kodak DX4530?)

    Okay, I have seen many people snap there own photos for album covers and I need a new digi-cam I would say about 5 MP :devious: under $300 Now I believe I saw OverDoze with the DX4530? How is that working for you keep in mind I need it to look real clean and pro a camera that takes good people...
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    My Entry To A Graphics Tourny:: The Game - Welcome To Compton

    :devious: diddnt get paid or nothin so its all I had to do to win.....i figured
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    Jessica Alba - Wallpaper (my first) 1600x1200 works for 800x600 too!

    She was just so fucken hot I couldnt resist doin a wallpaper nothin 2 complicated..... MY FIRST WALLPAPER - click the thumbnail Jessica Alba - Gift Wrapped :devious:
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    me and my boys from Olympia....need ways to get there shit heard ..look inside..

    Im in Olympia, WA is there anyway I can get me and my boys shit heard, we are really lookin to get some kind of deal but the hip-hop scene aint really poppin down here .....we grind and we grind hard man mixtapes 2 mixtapes and sell them shits for $3 haha alot of people know who we are we got...
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    Kanye West - Jesus Walks ... (just a graphic) ..i return..

    just blending and brushes ...kinda simple but look :devious:
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    NorthWest Visionz: JIM JONES INCOMPLETE COVER (what should i add?? Hows it Lookin??)

    IM BAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:classic: What Should I Add? What Should I Change? How Is It Lookin? even though the flyer type bg isnt the main focus what yall think of that too??
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    NorthWest Visionz Sig With Art Examples

    Check it
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    Could someone hook me up with some Tech N9ne pictures good quality ones

    yo i need some good quality pics of tech nizzle cuz im in dis graphic tourney and subject is Tech N9ne
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    Jin - THe Golden Child (for jin's autographed cd contest)

    THis is my version of the jin album for the contest (haha) i think i crushed the competition but we all in this together.........well winners cd could be used as actual cover and they get a autographed jin cd...........
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    SAMPLE of Photo CPR @ Kapone Kreationz

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    RuffRyders Vol 4 ft. Jin CD COVER (i was bored)need feedback

    IIGHT IM NOT FEELIN ALOT OF THIS STUFF BUT...... -I fuxed with lighting -I fuxed With Contrast I fuxin blended in jin he wasnt in pic before
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    a lil cover i did.....mainstream artist named Face NEED FEEDBACK

    I know font is a lil plain but gimme sum feedback
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    Anybody go watch wrestling at the key this past week? WWE RAW and Smackdown?

    I am just curious if anybody went to this at the Key Arena on Monday and Tonight because when i tried to get tickets they were sold out and its not always they come to town if did go tell us about yur experience...............haha i post this topic cuz im curious