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    Lynch new single "I see dead rappers"

    Damn reading this, looks like everyone gave up on lynch. I was a real fan of lynch by inch, but I wasn't feeling the next album he dropped that all his fans were claiming was the comeback of lynch. Thought it was weak, and I didn't like anything he dropped from that moment on (the album w ren...
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    Chess not Checkers..

    Man I started chess up on Instagram and Twitter, a while back that's dope y'all are up on it.really started getting into chess and all the little styles there is. The game is one of the most complex but "seemingly" simple there is. I gotta restore my iPhone but I'm on iPhone Game Center as...
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    No ones up on the Facebook killer right now?

    Man, this dude walked up on a 90 year old man , on Facebook live And killed him in cold blood. I seen the video. Shit was some bitch ass nigga shit. Breaking news on all news sites atm He's claiming about 15 other murders I think there's been an active manhunt for 6+ hours Check the news or...
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    Taboo (TV series) : anyone watching this?

    Didn't see a post for this. man, two episodes in, and i think this show is going to be one of the best shows this year. shit is dope as fuck. the end of the second episode had me like damn..this dude is fucking savage. i dont even wanna give away the end to the second episode. might be up to...
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    T-Dot Goon Scrap DVD Vol. 1 (trailer)

    ATK4v-hxJX8 but forreal tho, I'd buy it.
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    mirrors edge 2

    name is "mirrors edge catalyst" actually anyone hype for this? the first one on ps2 or Xbox was ill, you'd get that actual feeling of heights and how freaky they are from skyscrapers. the shooting dynamics shoulda been better but in pretty hype to see a new version with way better technology...
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    Police Shoot And Kill Minnesota Man On Facebook Live

    @BUTCHER 206 or we.. bruh just google. I hate going back and forth abt dumb shit from complex Alton Sterling Is the 558th Person Killed by Police This Year, and It's Only Going to Get Worse | Complex "Alton Sterling Is the 558th Person Killed by Police This Year, and It's Only Going to Get...
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    RIP Kimbo Slice.

    just got word on wshh and a bunch of other websites and news souces he passed from heart failure at 42 years old. just broke the websites. rest in peace, brody. you helped dada5000 and really made a movement completely famous in the hood.
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    Quick Drawing...

    if you dont follow me on IG you didnt see it. finished it 3 days ago nothing super extravagant i just decided to catch wreck on the back of a manilla folder. its taped on my wall with my hundred other drawings in my room. thats why theres tape around it. i tape all my drawings over eachother on...
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    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    @infinity that was the weirdest shit ever, dude. I didn't know I had any funny style people on my IG left. back to bed tho bro that shit is ridiculous I had to laugh at it on siccness gotta have a funny ass life to do that.. damned if Ima be on another siccness members Instagram page this...
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    Historic SD classic shit: All Gas No Brakes Radio #1-4, stream/download. if the links dont show up to stream or download, go to the top right and click "view feed xml" then you can download whatever episode you please. BUT PEEP GAME! got a treat for you. you can just stream it in this page! press 'play' at...
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    Freddy krueger in the hood (GTA parody)

    My nigga A-wax is on a GTA parody. Freddy krueger as an elm street blood, against some crips. pretty hilarious, peep it out. IyKaqNFQmxs freddy krueger had them bars on them fuck niggas in the whip: "I'm gonna catch you in your dreams Hit your ass with a molotov Came through and shot up my...
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    brownsvilleKA. Days with dr. yen lo (full album)

    @battle619, I hope what I said wasn't misconstrued as ka being doper than roc Marciano. what I meant to say just to reiterate, is I think KA is definitely more "lyrical" and better written/"a better writer", but I consider Roc Marciano to be doper, a Better MC because of other categories such as...
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    #XanDiego . I-Rocc & 12 guage shotie. "16 bar challenge" video.

    New wave in SD. Get up on it #XanDiego. "16 Bar challenge" video. qTGe6kJMNdQ follow my niggas on for recent updates. @Irocc619 @12thelivewire Support the muthafuckin City and check it out, Give me your opinions in the thread.
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    brownsvilleKA. Days with dr. yen lo (full album)

    is a direct homie of our respected New York MC, Roc Marciano. Dont listen to this nigga if your brain dont work well enough to soak in deep lines. I got put on by bro through Earl Sweatshirt. He Basically called dude the illest writer in hip hop of 2015. Which coming from Earl Sweatshirt, Got...