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    NEW The Federation "We Back" 2010 According to Goldie Gold's facebook them Fed Gang FELLAS are back! Discuss! Not sure if rick rock did the beat
  2. fed_life

    Krayzie Bone Introduces 12 year old singing sensation!

    maybe a good move? hopefully the homies are respectful around her. i wouldnt want my daughter signed to anybody named krayzie
  3. fed_life

    Is Federation done? where they been at?

    Is Federation done? where they been at? 2 albums in 6-7 years is really not that good.. I know rick rock is doing his thang...
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    New Bone Thugs N Harmony song "Universe" from new album "The World's Enemy"

    wheres the download link!! i love this sooooooooooooooong!
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    Bizzy Bone - New album "Greatest Rapper Alive"

    Greatest rapper alive is GOING to be his BEST SOLO album since A&o..TRUST ME.. i beleive it will be better than A SONG FOR U
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    2 New Bizzy Bone songs from Crossroads album- Look into the Soul and Nintendo

    BOTH SONGS SUCKS BALLS! Nintendo has a DOPE AS BEAT.. but bizzy didnt rock them correctly! WACK!
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    Bone Thugs N Harmoy Pay What You Owe New song

    its a tight ass song... it does sound like their older stuff
  8. fed_life

    whats the deal with this new BONE album on the ANY DETAILS?

    cover looks bad ass! IS THIS A LEGIT release? is there a tracklist?
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    wait to u hear UNI5 THE WORLDS ENEMY!:siccness:
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    Where is LAROO /Hitta Slim???

    hot shit! thanks for the link
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    E-40 feat. Game & Snoop On the new album?

    WILL THIS SONG BE ON THE NEW ALBUM? anybody have any idea? "Pain No More" not trying to get in trouble here... song is fire though! discuss!
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    Twista and Trax REUNITES for New Album(video inside)

    not true! at least not yet! source please?
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    Info: New E-40 track - E-40 Ft. Gucci Mane & Bun "B" - Recipe

    has anybody else heard this? VERY HOT TRACK! does anybody know if this will be on E-40's new album? ps. is there a track list for 40's new album yet?
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    july 12th homie