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    HUSALAH appreciation thread

    If I'm wrong I'm wrong I kan care less I'm kallin shit how I see it..ill b on m porch smokin a blunt waitin to get whacked..
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    HUSALAH appreciation thread

    Oh ok u threating me now..well I have no problem at all telling u to your face you fake as fuck.kan kare less what u tryin to prove I kan roast u to the extreme right now but I'm not into all that bullshit u said my homies hood sound funny to u well I'm callin u out sayin u funny in general my...
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    HUSALAH appreciation thread

    Troll? U niggaz stay on here gossipin photoshopping pics hoe shit..some of u only or balls on this site and not off it and that's where u wrong at thinkin of me and any of mines is on some fake shit I didnt like what u said and I know u damn sure dont like what I said ..I would krack jokes on...
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    FatBlunts209 first be like...

    ok even tho i was just smokin hella woods hollerin at hoes actin a foo wit the nigga ok yea your right.. @T-Rip
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    Erk Tha Jerk aka Kevin Allen

    Phonky G...would've never thought to hear erk and wax that's what's up tho...
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    Husalah Xfest fight

    .well put. @Gemini .someone thinking they rocKin a lv sweater but its really fubu..
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    Street Knowledge - E.S.O. (ft Joe Blow)

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    Does This Fat Tone Mixtape Exist On CD?

    dont know about the cd try amazon or just download it Free FAT TONE Mixtapes @
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    A-Wax-Elm 2

    aye the production on this shit GO..wax kills it with the wordplay..solid ass album..this is shittin on pulling strings..this shit hard G @pierxboy
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    now thats whats u call mobb shit..that was hard as fuck.
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    the crime,the comments & the hairline SPD NEWS – STOLEN PROPERTY ARREST On November 6, 2014, at 2:47 am, the suspect climbed a fence at the fire department in the 100 block of W. Sonora Street and...
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    (NEW VIDEO) Reece Loc - My Thoughts Feat Mr.Shaky

    | hit up @DUTCH-F.E on here he a solid dude and will point u in the right direction..
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    grape st crips in ..jersey?

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    grape st crips in ..jersey?