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    Enter Apocalypse Tonight

    Damn, that boy Eats got it, I heard his tracks on Fahrenheit Instrumania B, and felt them very deep inside, every track he did on there. So now I'm waiting for more to come, any albums, singles?
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    Ensoniq ASR-10

    Yo what up, I'm looking for a ASR-10 since i heard it's old school knock. Could someone tell me some experiences with this machine? How do the filters sound? How much should I pay for it? I already have the Korg Triton, so now i need bit more of a trashy sound input... got me?
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    The new album is SLAP!!!
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    Yo what up everybody, I justed want to know if there's any chance for me to get an album from Kiswahili..? Any info?
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    Req: The Good Die Yung

    The new Yun-Gun album!!!!!!?
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    The Good Die Yung!

    So did the new Yun-Gun album drop today? Anyone heard it, yet??
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    Idealfun Graphics

    These ones are made by my homie and was used for advertisement for the dj booking site or parties.
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    Lynch's "Oldschool Throwbaccs"

    Damn, just seen/heard this on Shit should be some fire! Is it an album or what? And how many godamn projects are in godamn work now?
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    Suspicion (Lynch&COS) - Trigganometry

    It's out today...if you didn't already know. Should be heated as fuck!! Peep the track in the sicc tunes area for example.
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    ^^ damn pissant...
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    Certifyde Ent.

    Does Certifyde Entertainment still exist? The only release I heard was Phantoms album which was dope as fuck. So are there any other albums? Is Phantom still active as a rapper? In my opinion this man had some major heat.
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    Favourite Hurrikaine J Tracks

    I have to say "We Raw" ft. Baby C, etc. This song is slappin too hard boyee and H comes wit some coo funk shit. WE RAW! What's your favourites?
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    How well did Storm Of The Century do?

    Just curious?
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    Interview with Yun-Gun
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    What's up with the Blue Ragg album?

    "Bangin' Since The 80ies"? Is it going to be released somewhere in the future?