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    New Track - Dizz - Enter My World

    I flipped an old C-Dubb track(with his blessing) on this album I got coming out. Hope you enjoy n shit
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    New Track Dizz - FCK It

    That sounds like a cool and irritating gig. I've heard a lot of shitty 'talents' being a part of a local scene. lol. But I would take that same gig. Cheers to you. I mainly mix and produce, developing song concepts for artists I work with and try my best to get their best performance out of...
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    New Track Dizz - FCK It

    Thanks for checking it out n shit. I appreciate it. @Mac Jesus, in what capacity?
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    New Track Dizz - FCK It

    Whats up I'm working on this track and if there's anywhere I can get straight forward opinions, it's the open forum. Like it, hate it, either way, I'm all ears. Thank you Dizz - FCK It
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    Damn, Bruhgoons, this was a good feeling!

    Got my first album back from press over the weekend. . . Now the push begins! Anyway, just thought I'd share. lol
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    Video I did, what you guys think?
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    NEW VIDEO - Dizz ft Infinity - Bass is to Boom
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    New Video - Dizz - Left ALone

    New video 'Left Alone' by Dizz off the upcoming Guitar Lounge Sessions album.
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    RIP Harold Ramis

    Damn Harold Ramis was one of Hollywood’s most successful comedy filmmakers when he moved his family from Los Angeles back to the Chicago area in 1996. His career was still thriving, with “Groundhog Day” acquiring almost instant classic status upon its 1993 release and 1984’s “Ghostbusters”...
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    Fucking Metal!!!

    Here's a track I was working on today. Let me know what you think
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    My debut album is coming soon......

    What up Siccness brethren I got my debut album coming out and thought I'd put up a couple links to a few of the tracks. Shit's pretty dope! It's different, but accessible and has some wicked production and features. Hope you guys enjoy it. Feedback is appreciated. Skitso ft Kadali, Spittlez...
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    Dizz - Guitar Lounge Sessions Artwork

    Debut album from Go2Werk Ent/Bumpin T Ent artist: Dizz The Guitar Lounge Sessions Features include: Flossalini, C-Dubb, Dreda Dre, Spittlez, Cali Bear Gang and more. COMING Dec 2013
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    New Single: Dizz - WHAT ft Brutha Smith and Kadalis

    Preview HERE Purchase HERE
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    New Single: Dizz - WHAT ft Brutha Smith and Kadalis

    Preview HERE Purchase HERE