New Track Dizz - FCK It

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Mac Jesus

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May 31, 2003
Thanks for checking it out n shit. I appreciate it.
Mac Jesus @Mac Jesus , in what capacity?

I scout new talent for interscope canada. Your music fits with something I've been looking for.
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Mar 10, 2006
That sounds like a cool and irritating gig. I've heard a lot of shitty 'talents' being a part of a local scene. lol. But I would take that same gig. Cheers to you.

I mainly mix and produce, developing song concepts for artists I work with and try my best to get their best performance out of them. I would be interested in picking your brain in the near future if you don't mind.
May 16, 2002
What you got here I'm not feeling at all. I was lost under two minutes at what the song was about. It didn't grab my attention. It just seemed to come in rambling. I will give it another listen at another time to be fair, but I do appreciate the work put into it. I can hear that. Which opens up a can of worms to where artist often expect for people to appreciate the hard work behind a record. The reality is, the work behind it is never really appreciated by the majority. If the record sucks, it sucks.

Much like when you purchase something, take it home & it doesn't work. You don't give a shit if the person who built it was over worked, got employee of the month, had perfect attendence at work or his / her family member died. Bottom line, your product doesn't work and you're not happy.

Perhaps there is a market for this somewhere, but rap has gone back to the basics IMO. Any real artist is not looking for radio hits. It's gone back to lyrics / punchlines etc.

The problem with so called music today is whatever. They rhyme for the sake of rhyming, but there is no real foundation / emotion behind it. One of two things, either artist today are not talented, haven't really lived life or the pioneers were much better at telling stories.
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