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    Kartel Muzic?

    do you guys have the Luni Coleone mixtape at Kartel Muzic?
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    Is I-Rocc & Silas - Blues Brothers out yet

    has it dropped yet?
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    Looking for Nuggets throwback jersey

    anyone have the white Denver Nuggets throwback jersey(swingman)? i need an XL if you have one or know where to get one post up your price
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    is Jins album out yet?

    Has Jins album dropped yet? he still on Ruff Ryders? anyone know where he is from?
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    Who got the Dividenz album?

    if you havent got Dividenz - Hollow Point Lyrics, you need to pick it up right away. Its one of the best albums I've heard in years. It has tight beats and some of the sickest lyrics. Notes and C.O.L.A. come real nice on this album. they could go mainstream if they want. every song on the album...
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    Is Kartel Muzik gonna have the new Lynch?

    are you guys gonna have Brotha Lynch - Lynch By Inch when it drops on june 10th?
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    What rappers are going to be at the grand opening?

    Tech N9ne and T-Nutty, right? anyone else supposed to be there?
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    Which Yukmouth cd is better?

    Which one do you like better?
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    peep my shit and tell me what you think(20 bars)

    Lyrical Murda, wit rap in my state of mind/ it's that ill flowin assassin cookin up intisive rhymes/ creatin a motion picture sound track for the 209/ with mind bogglin lines that take you on a trip through time/ so sit back and listen while i spit this venemous heat/ releasin havoc filled...
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    anyone got Tech N9ne - The Worst & The Calm Before The Storm?

    I'm looking for these cd's anyone got these and want to sale them? if so, leave your price.
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    Total Recall "COLLECTORS EDITION" ?

    is this still dropping this month?
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    Tech N9ne at Kartel Muzik?

    when Tech N9ne comes thru from Bakersfield to San Jose in the first week of june from his Absolute Power tour are you gonna have him stop by Kartel Muzik and have an in store signing?
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    How can i get Tech N9ne backstage passes?

    I'm going to the Tech N9ne concert in Fresno,Ca on June 3rd does anybody know where i can get backstage passes?
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    I'm looking for autographed cd's(Brotha Lynch, Tech N9ne, etc)

    If anyone has any autographed cd's of Brotha Lynch or Tech N9ne and wants to sale them let me know the price, cause i really want to get them
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    The SOURCE (free 1 year subscription)