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  1. Black Widower

    Classic Flint/Michigan albums..

    Sideways is one of the tightest tracks ever to me. zUD8XU_dwSE
  2. Black Widower

    Last Of The Floheakinz || Official T-Nutty Thread

    Damn lol. I guess it was that serious.
  3. Black Widower

    Random Album/Song upload thread

    You right. Wrong thread. I'm lit right now.
  4. Black Widower

    Best Midwest Female Artist?

    Madame Dane
  5. Black Widower

    Dayton Family- Charges of Indictment

    This album was terrible to me.
  6. Black Widower

    The homie KC Mack

    He's a comedian and he asked some of his peoples to spread the word about him so here's a couple of his parodies. Fq5JBypVwlU&feature=player_embedded D0bEDAGtAoU&feature=channel_video_title
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    The Greatest NBA Teams... Of course the Bulls come in 1st 1995-96 Bulls chosen as NBA's greatest team of all time Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen's 1995-96 NBA champion Chicago Bulls won 72 regular-season games, the most...
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    Dwight Howard to Da Bulls?

    Report: Bulls Interested in Acquiring Dwight Howard, Lakers' Pursuit Losing Momentum by Ben Levine on Sun, May 29, 2011 at 12:17PM Less than a week after being bounced from the playoffs...
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    Kobe says he'd beat LeBron 1 on 1.

    I would say he could cause LeBron is not a great man on man defender. But LeBron would win some games too. gnDrm8YPSBE&feature=player_embedded
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    Young Buk (of Psychodrama) interview

    Buk is the shit. Nigga got hella tight lyrics.
  11. Black Widower

    Bleezo Da Protocal Thread

    Since Lynch and Bo probably ain't gonna get together and collab, maybe Ced and Freddie Smith should lol. They wasn't all the way right to they artists but how much truly classic shit has been put out since the good ol days?
  12. Black Widower

    ? For Tay or anyone associated with AWOL

    It's been about a decade since AWOL was crackin, but everybody still seems coo wit each other minus Lunasicc. How do all ya'll keep it together and stay supportin each other when it seems like every click or label from the "Best" era back in the 90's don't fuck wit each other no more?
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    Damn i forgot about this shit. It's been years.