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  1. andrizzaayy

    Free Warriors Pre-Season tickets

    75 cents after taxes. This friday against the clips. PW: FACEBOOK
  2. andrizzaayy

    LMAO. Paranormal Homless Activity
  3. andrizzaayy

    Chad Hachi Go?

    LOL. Another name change for Chad ________. Wont be surprised if the No Fun League makes up some stupid rules so that he cant change his name anymore.
  4. andrizzaayy

    Nets win 1st game!!

    against the bobcats. LOL at Stephen Jackson wanting to go to a winning team
  5. andrizzaayy

    NBA All Decade

    Vote now Who do u guys think will make the All-Decade team?
  6. andrizzaayy

    So Cal Traffic???

    To all the so cal people out there I got tickets to the Jay Leno Show (Burbank). taping is at 3 and my flight home is at 7. I'll probably be leaving burbank around 415-430. Do u guys think i can make it to John Wayne airport in time for my flight? including check in and all that stuff
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    Wiz Khalifa - Deal Or No Deal

    Anyone heard it yet? DL'ed the leak and its a solid album. About to cop it on iTunes right now. Tracklist: 1. Bout Ya’ll (feat. Josh Everette) 2. Chewy 3. Friendly (feat. Curren$y) 4. Goodbye 5. Hit Tha Flo 6. Lose Control 7. Moola And The Guap (feat. L.C. & Lavish) 8. Studio Lovin’ 9. Right...
  8. andrizzaayy

    Fuck no, im not at the midnight premiere of twilight sign in....

    from what i seen on twitter all the theaters are going ape shit over this homer movie.
  9. andrizzaayy

    Retire 23 from basketball?

    havent seen a thread on this yet, my bad if there is one. but what do u guys think of LeBron changing his number from 23 to 6 next season in respect of MJ.
  10. andrizzaayy

    Boondock Saints 2

    Whooo. been waiting a while for this to come out. Willem Dafoe's homo ass aint in this one. Movie looks dope scheduled for an Oct 30 release if2-PYxgL50
  11. andrizzaayy

    Headlight Restoration?

    Any of u guys ever use Crystal View. Thinking about trying it out on the yellowing headlights on my Maro. qGMBGQUMtOo
  12. andrizzaayy

    Pretty funny stuff LOL at this one: "Today, was the first time I had sex with a guy I really like. I took off my shirt and my bra and he said "wow, that's disappointing." FML
  13. andrizzaayy

    Important things with demetri martin

    anyone catch this? dude is pretty funny. Got the highest ratings on comedy central since dave chappelle. he ain't dave chappele, but i'll take it. vJ5s6PxwDJc
  14. andrizzaayy

    All-Star weekend thread

    Didn't see one on this yet. So decided to start one. Anyone see derrick rose with the wrong warm-up shirt. lol. cant blame him, blazer/bulls warmups look a like.
  15. andrizzaayy

    oregon trail to iphone

    Classic. don't know if its been posted yet. 90's babys can learn a thing or two this game