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    Why these KC Rap Artist Failed?

    im pretty sure tech makes his money off of retail sales and his shows...i thought i heard somewhere he did like 11 million last year...obviously not all his, but he's eating.
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    Shots Fired @ E-40 Concert in Denver

    "Several people were reportedly shot outside a Denver nightclub where Bay Area rapper E-40 was performing early Saturday morning (December 27). According to 9 News, people were sent running for cover when gunfire erupted outside Club Vinyl at around 2 a.m. Police declined to confirm how many...
  3. 707Dizz707

    The Game - Pain(Remix) - Fat Joe shouts out MD

    Heard the remix? Fat Joe throws out an RIP to the, and i quote, "homey mac dre." Just wondering if anyone else had heard this yet... - sicctunes -
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    Dubee's New Album, Last of A Thizzin Breed

    So, according to city hall's website, which I will admit is fucked up sometimes, has the Dubee album slated for release on December 31st, 2007. WHAT THE FEEZY. Why the hell would i pre-order this bitch of an album if i knew id have to wait 2 years for it, i would have saved the $ and just...
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    Messy Marv - Label Signing..?

    Is he signed to rap-a-lot, or he is just affiliated, because it says on wikipedia that he is a member of the regime, just a curious question.
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    game dog blood /w love for a pimp OK
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    Ray Luv Question / Hope For Solo CD

    Ray Luv had the best verse on the new mac mall CD IMO - anyone know if he's gonna drop soon?
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    Andre Nickatina Tomorro Nite

    Anyone got any extra tickets for this show? Its finna be crackin - i only need two, or one at least. so holla at me . i think its at the boardwalk...sunrise...
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    The Truth

    Has anyone bought this mixtape?> It says its for sale on rapbay right now. I wanna know people's opinion before i buy it, 11 for a mixtape is steap
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    i want the new cd. when can i have it?
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    why do yall niggas call kc the town
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    Fat Tone

    they just mad sumone from the bay was more popular than some gay fool named fat tone in his own city. sucks to be that dead nigga
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    Did anyone go to the "Mac Dre Day" event

    just wonderin if anyone went to this / if dubee really showed up w/ mistah fab and hoodstarz....? it was in west sac on march 31st..