Sacramento Rapper / Producer C-DUBB Is Back With His 20th Project

Sacramento rapper / producer C-DUBB is back with his 20th project. “Cookin up Classics” will drop June 10th 2014. This album is full of classic sounding vintage Mobb Music mixed with a few chopper style tracks as well. Guest appearances by The Jacka , Reece Loc , Keak Da Sneak , Spice 1 , Twisted Insane , Firing Squad , Hex & more. snippets from the album below

 1. Choppin
 2. Yank em out the game
 3. Buck 0′ five (feat. hex)
 4. Hell on Earth (feat. Firing Squad ,C.ray , Twisted Insane)
 5. Lets Win
 6. All i did was stay true (feat. Spice 1 & Mr. So High)
 7. California Life (feat. Reece Loc)
 8. V.E.T
 9. Mobbin (feat. Pancharally)
10.Beastin (feat. The Jacka & S.B.)
11. Lace my shoes (feat. Sean b.)
12. Smashin (feat. Keak Da Sneak)
13. Done Strugglin (outro)

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