You aint from the hood if...

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Jan 13, 2017
Years ago there was a pretty funny thread like this...

You aint from Highlands if...
-Youve never seen the body wagon near Ernies
-You didnt use to cop albums from the underground
-You've ever been driving down Renick wondering why every god damn car on that street has a massive oil leak
-You aint never copped some bammer in the alley thru the flat tops
Jan 29, 2016
East Palo Alto
You aint from EPA if you never copped at Wysteria (RIP Frank Gore)

You aint from EPA if you dont know Rodger and his mom or the crazy tweaker black lady from the shell is, either or.

You aint from EPA if you dont hate the Mexican Bitch from the Shell

You aint from EPA if you dont know who SIC or Totally Insane is.

You aint from EPA if you never had the hoodie with "Mid Town, Flooda, Ova Da Ramp, Da Vill or G Town" blasted on it with the dice in the corresponding colors
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Apr 5, 2016
- had your car antenna stolen...
- banged on foos or been banged on by foos at the swapmeet...
- know which taqueros to go to for which specific varieties...
- know how to ride the Blue Line for free (and avoid a ticket)...
- pump gas in an enemy hood...
- dont got it blasted in your skin somewhere...
- know which stores you can and can't buy goose or henn from bcuz they got fugazi...
- know/remember what the 6th St. Bridge was famous for and looked like...
Apr 5, 2016
- dont remember when RED DRAGON @RED DRAGON got caught with half a P...
- seen AP9 @AP9 woofin on insta...
- know Incisions @Incisions is a pedo...
- know who climbs chain-link fences in fights
Apr 5, 2016
dont makew reo @reo getting ta hgittin up fences in tha hoo d for net stripes tho... lol

iffu kno u kno tho