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  • You know you let that cowardly cunt timebomb win right? He got shook when you asked him to post a photo and he got shook when I asked him. If you got any self respect you come let him know how it really is.
    Sup bruh, i Fucked Coco last night and she denied even knowing you bruh!!! WTF, stop lying!!
    AP this is Gabe from the Siccness Staff, give me a call when you get a chance (505) 480-0455
    Hit my line fam 916-969-0119 im.scoob's old promoter met u at the old.hitworks in sac years ago did promotions for the codenames album holla #bidnezz
    Yeah, I feel you on that LeBron thing bro... I dont know why niggas dont believe you... Hell, I once installed a satellite dish at Kevin Durant's cousin's nephew's neighbor's house... which by default, makes Durant my lil homie.... just like you with LeBron
    Nah broski. On 2nd thought, Fuck all that sensitive shit homeboy... I DEMAND you give me CoCo's cell #. Or else its gonna be bad bruh....& I aint playing...
    Wassup bruh, If you dont wanna give me CoCo's cell #, it's coo. No harm done... But You dont gotta be all Hollywood, Bigshot, My shit dont Stink about it... Ignoring me... Smh, I'm a real nigga.. I deserve some respect
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