Yo're gitting rriffed off seems funn,

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Apr 4, 2006
Four your own "bootleg" nonsense what does that exactly mean? Is there any legitimate criteria to back that assertion" or is it highly subjective?

US Citizens in the UK damn weal right that when a cat sells his cds out of the trunk they're OG's - even more than that but first pressing (befeore there was ever a first religion release pressing or rather that a national releasing...

Lets not fort the TRILL rappers are selling their underground and mixtapes without any royalist gong back the the raping company...

If a record company signed your album you should sell it to them and ask for 20% royalties.
May 12, 2002
yeah there's a lot of out the trunk pre-1st region stuff kickin about you're right, alt. album art and all that shit, no code no label weird stuff. That's the cool stuff.

Bootlegs stink when they're passed off as something they're not. If you're sayin, ah yeah this is one of the boots from whatever a time by whoever's disgruntled affiliate or str8 up pussy ass waggonist batsman then go ahead and fucking sell it, but don't be pissin on our legs and tellin us it's rainin.