Wrestling Random Thought 2

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Jul 26, 2014

Booker T and Co-Host Brad Gilmore welcome you to the show!

Booker is back in his seat! Last week Brad was in charge but all has been restored to the Heated Conversations universe.

Booker enjoyed his time at SummerSlam. He thinks Ronda Rousey is a stud.

“If you are wrestling Ronda, make sure you’re near Idaho, because there’s gonna be a lot of potatoes.”

Brad enjoyed the show also. He loved Miz and Daniel Bryan. Booker feels the show delivered. He also predicted Miz and Bryan would be the match to watch out for. His respect for Miz continues to grow.

“When I look at how this guy he has improved. He is a method actor and he is finally getting his props for his in ring ability. He evolved into something people never thought. He perfected his craft.”

Booker T talks about Sean” X-Pac” Waltman, and about all he has been through. They started wrestling around the same time. He is proud of Sean. His timing was impeccable and he came back over and over. They have a bond. The guy has a story to tell and he earned it the hard way!

Booker: What’s going on dawg?

X-Pac: I’m just in LA enjoying this… heat.

Booker: LA is my favorite vacation spot. What are you doing out there right now?

X-Pac-I’m working with Marie Menounos. She and her Husband produce my show. You came on a couple weeks ago. I’m very grateful for that. When I lived here before, this town got the best of me, but not now I’m working with great people.

Booker: What was X-Pac like as a child?

X-Pac: I had a single Mother. She worked a lot. I got in a lotta trouble. But I got around wrestling when I was about 10, so that help me a bit.

Booker: My Mom worked from 11 to 7, for as long as I remember. I was getting in trouble. Houston Wrestling was an outlet, watching Junk Yard Dog.

Booker: Was wrestling always going to be in your future?

X-Pac: Always. I was real… even though I had no supervision, somehow I loved this thing so much I did the right things. Obviously you have to end up with some talent and a good attitude too.

Brad: I’ve been with Booker going on 6 years. He broke me into the business. Booker is my OG. Who was your OG? Who was that guy to set you on that path, the right path to do everything right?

X-Pac: The first one I really looked up to was Mr. Perfect. He taught me how… Maybe everything he taught me was not the right thing in hindsight. But he did his best. And that’s all we can do.

Booker: I tell you. He came into WCW. He was such a cool dude. Such a cool dude! That’s one guy that always gravitated towards me. He said I have a really cool angle to do with you. He was going to give me The Mr. Perfect gimmick. It was going to be me throwing the football and catching it, playing basketball and making a shot from half court, hit the golf ball and hit a hole in one. He had it laid out and WCW was too stupid to go with it. I thank him so much for letting me know I had chips in the game. You came in with Razor Ramon and that whole thing got so big. Was that good for you or bad for you? Talk to me about it.

X-Pac: The pressure was in the try out match. Once they told me the call I was just so pumped. I cannot imagine being brought in, in a better way than that. I’m so grateful. Scott was amazing. He knew it was good for him too. He saw the long game. You know?

Booker: That’s what real workers do. We don’t think about ourselves. We think about the guy we are working with, to see if we can bring them up to another level. We think of the fans that’s watching it. That’s what a true wrestler is. He gave you the rub. I got a lot of students down here with my Reality of Wrestling, and I try to give them the rub. What is your greatest career highlight?

X-Pac: Bret Hart.

Booker: Wow!

X-Pac: Bret Hart in 1994 on Raw. He made me, Book. We went half an hour for the title. He like turned himself semi-heel, getting on me so hard in that. Just gave me some amazing offense coming into the homestretch. And I’m just so grateful for that. He made me credible.

more @ link :

Jul 26, 2014
Nikita Koloff on Bruiser Brody & Puerto Rico

Legendary WCW/NWA/AWA competitor "The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff does a full career shoot interview with The Hannibal TV about going to high school with numerous other future wrestling superstars, his impressive football career, getting the Russian Gimmick and becoming a pro wrestler, longtime friendship with Road Warrior Animal, his time with WCW, NWA, AWA, Puerto Rico, Japan, why he never went to WWE, why he retired so young, his current work as a preacher, wrestler deaths & much more!
Jul 26, 2014
Episode 178: The Sandman, McGregor vs Khabib, Kavanaugh vs Ford and more

Release Date: September 29th, 2018

Recap by: James Hayes


Booker and Co-host Brad Gilmore welcome you to the show!

Ahmed Johnson

Right from the beginning, the guys start up with Tony Norris. (Ahmed Johnson)

Brad has been nervous about running into the big man.

Booker advises him, “All you have to do is a walk-run, you’ll get away from him. A power walk.” “He continues, “I haven’t heard a whole lot about Tony Norris, he hasn’t called me or answered my challenge. The challenge is open.” Brad confirms, “It’s a pie eating contest or walk around the block.” Booker has changed his mind. “Nope. It’s a match. We want Tony Norris in a match. Right here at 10000 Emmett F Lowery Expressway.” Brad reminds Booker the last match they had did not set the world on fire. Booker says that’s because Norris said he wanted Booker to look bad. But Booker adds, “It didn’t work.”I look stellar. I remember vividly. I beat him so bad in that match, that afterward he came to me and asked, why I made him look so bad. But, he was blown up. He was gassed to the gills. I was going circles around him.”

(Booker is savage!)


“All these guys are coming out of retirement. You got Shawn Michaels coming out, The Undertaker, Triple H. I said, “Why not Booker T?” I say I don’t miss it, but I do. It hurts. I got in the ring and bounced around when no one was in the gym, just me. I said I’m going in here to concur all my fears because every since I got out the ring, every since I wrestled Cody Rhodes I have not been within 30 feet of the ring. I got phobia. I came to the gym to see if I still got it. I took a bump and I was like “Oh my goodness”. When the people are going crazy you don’t feel it. But when you don’t have your boots and tights on, man it hurts. But I tell you I do miss it. I do want my fans to see me wrestle one more time. Because when they turn the light out, it doesn’t come back on ever again. I don’t want to cheat myself. I’m getting myself in good shape. I’ll be posting some pictures of myself in the next few weeks, to let them know Booker is in better shape than all these suckas, we need to sign this boy!”

“You always gotta be ready. Preparation is the only luck you will have in this life.”

McGregor vs. Khabib

Booker says the press conference between the two was wild.

“Conor was drinking, Dana White was drinking.”

He also thinks that Conor is putting on a show to hide his fear.

“Conor McGregor did not seem that confident in that setting. I always say the man that throws the first punch, is the man that has clearly run out of ideas. All the gestures and jumping around, that was a scared man right there. He was trying to do something, that’s the first time we seem him act like… to the extreme, like that.”

Brad counters, ”He did not have a crowd to react to so he didn’t know if it was too much or not. He was just in a room trying to figure it out.” Booker counters his counter, ”There was press there. The press is people. Did you see Donald Trump pop when he was talking to all the leaders around the world? Trump saying all that stupid stuff. It’s no different?”

Brad says he thought Khabib was scared, that he looked out of his element. Booker does not buy it. “Look at all the talk he (McGregor) talked when Nat Diaz beat him down, then after the fight what was he doing? Hugging him.” Brad, “He was trying to sell a fight!” Booker, ”The fight doesn’t need to be sold” Brad responds, “What do you mean the fight don’t need to be sold? What are you talking about?” Booker exclaims, “The fight is already sold. What are we talking about here?” Brad asks, “Why even have a press conference?”

Booker reaffirms his earlier point that Conor looks like a beat man. He says Brad was fooled by Conor. Brad thinks Khabib is scared of Conor because he never reacted at the conference. Booker says Conor is putting on a show as a diversion. “You didn’t see him jump up and try to get on Mayweather like that.” Brad says, “He told Mayweather to his face, that he can’t even read. Then he won rounds on the greatest boxer of all time.” Booker snickers at Brad, then tells him, “You sound like a Republican, just trying to make up stuff when it’s not there.”

Brad laughs in his response to Booker’s below the belt insult.

Bottom line: Booker believes Conor will lose within two rounds. He says, Conor is gonna get beat so bad in the first round, that in the second round he ill ask the ref to stop it.

Brad is tempted to take that bet.

(I thought these guys were going to come to blows.)

UFC 229 happens October 6th, 2018

Sandman Interview

On the line right now is one of The Innovators of Violence, give it up for The Sandman.

Booker: What’s up, Sandy?

Sandman: Heck of a day, getting ready for The Ryder Cup. 2 am in the morning.

Booker: Getting any golf in?

Sandman: It’s been raining so much the North East, the golf course is soaked, everybody wants you to walk. I ain’t walking nowhere.

Booker: You still carrying that 5 iron in the car? You still got it?

Sandman: I sure do. You better believe it. I had these clubs since 1996.

Booker: Remember that time we were in TNA overseas, and we went to that club and they kicked out Charlie Haas because he was under dressed?

They all laugh.

Booker: But, let’s talk about ECW. Let’s talk about times working with Tommy Dreamer, times working with RVD, the Dudleys. You guys became famous working there. What was that ride like?

Sandman: The worst part about it was I was so young, I didn’t start until 89, 90, by 96 we were rolling pretty hard, I didn’t appreciate it enough when it was happening. Guys like Rocco Rock Ted Petty, they told me we were doing something special. Teddy had been around the world, he was like, “This locker room is different than any other locker room on the planet.” I’m like, “What do you mean?” He said, “It’s like family. Wait until you go to another company.” I was like, “I ain’t ever leaving ECW.”

Booker laughs.

Sandman: Of course, Paulie paid me less than somebody else and I was like. “Alright, I’m out of here. I’m going to WCW. I wished I had appreciated it more when we were in the mix.

Booker: People talk about the stories with ECW, I talked to RVD, I talked to The Dudleys. How deep was it? I’ve heard guys out the back door were engaging in rec…

Sandman: Absolutely. There were no rules.

Booker: You say you were young. Sandman has always been one of my favorite characters. You talk about how you did not appreciate. I say Sandman had James Dean qualities. A guy stood out without having to do anything.

Sandman laughs.

Booker: I’m serious. Do you feel like not taking advantage of that, and looking back now, that you could have taken things in a different direction? I see Sandman still doing big stuff, if not perhaps for the recreational. How deep did you get into that?

Sandman: Way deep. Way off the deep edge. I don’t know… I… It’s hard to explain, Book. I’m the kind of person that does not have regrets for anything I’ve done. The only regret I have in professional wrestling is that I did not surf the crowd. I should’ve done that at that One Night Stand. The whole building, they almost pushed me off the balcony. The Security Guard had me by the back of the pants. I almost went over. I should’ve surfed that crowd! That would have been epic!

Booker: Definitely.

Sandman: All that recreational stuff was me before I got into wrestling. I had no reason to change. I did not think I was a WCW or WWE guy until I signed my first WCW contract. I always looked at myself as an ECW guy. I was having too much fun on the ride, there was no reason to look too far down the road.

Booker: There was no crowd like a ECW crowd.

Sandman: They became part of the show. That’s what made it so special.

Brad: That’s what I wanted to ask Sandman, Brad Gilmore here, one of the special things in ECW was the feud where you were blinded. You could not see. And Paul Heyman likes to say you wouldn’t even open the door at your house. You made your wife open the door. How committed to that were you, actually?

Sandman: I don’t know. Paulie said, “The only way this works is if people really believe it.” I owe my career to that guy. I took that angle very seriously.

Booker: How happy are you now? So many guys don’t know how to get off the ride. How happy are you?

Sandman: I get paid to go to these conventions. I get paid to have reunions. I miss being in the locker room with the boys more than anything.

Booker: Sandman is in a good place. Stay happy. Stay blessed. Thank you for coming on.

more @ link: https://www.pwpodcasts.com/2018/10/...cw-his-only-regret-in-professional-wrestling/