Wish my big bro TAYDATAY aka TGUNNA Happy BDay!

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Sep 24, 2008
happy birthday t-gunna

im jan 12 1976...same month as my alltime fav rapper

since i came on bart in 96 i have been singing this mans praise...to me 11/5 helped switch a hip hop fan since 86 guy[im talkin mc shan,kool g rap,epmd,audio two] to a str8 bay fan

tay i had my own radio show fo' 2 years bought every thing you ever touched ...to me t-gunna doesnt half to take a back seat to any rapper in the games history!...why?...his flow,the voice,the style str8 tight to def padna

to me 11 feva always sounded like an nuculear bomb!

trust me t-gunna you have never done a song with jamal rocker..that needs to be done...trust me that would be an undertaking,one fo' the ages