Why did siccness forum fall off?

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not working is cool
Jun 13, 2018
Some small town in America
I think a big part of why this forum feel off is because facebook pays creators now to post. Elon musk said twitter profiles will be monetized for all content, same with IG. I think since people can now be their own God and star and get money to do nothing online it's why forums fell off? but at least siccness is still up, just no one posts anymore. A lot of forums I was on are shut down now
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May 7, 2013
I don't know Elon Musk and Trump are on social media daily an they are richer than anyone on this site so lol
having money and intelligence are two diff things, elon is just a money man with a big mouth gettin stucc by the man like the rest of us when get out of line... also the amount of actual time they both spend is very minimal, you're just mentally ill
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