Who makes music like this?!

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Judo Chop ur Spirit
May 8, 2002
What you mean? Too EQ'd out?
this just my opinion, im no authority on the subject... but the beat seems to crisp and clean - almost reminds me of dated ambient the way it's mixed on a few of them. I think the overall beats are good, I just think the effect, and maybe choice of the patch, and mix could make it stand out.

I think some of your leads need to be a bit raised and dirty upped, and the kicks more punchy. Without that I think the vocals sit to high on the mix, when in reality when people listen to this type of music they can careless about the "words" they just wanna hear a flow riding a sick synth/lead/bass line, with some hitting drums...

when I think of analog, I think of punchy, gritty, on top of mix lead. This is coming from more the new type of electro movement going on lately though in the current indy scene.

/music nerd rant over