What movie did you just watch and what did you think?

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Jan 25, 2009
Just caught Chappie at the theater. Dope as fuck. Highly recommended I give it 4/5

Would have gotten a full 5/5, but there was a couple of plot issues I had, they were small issues though.
I though that movie was men nothing outstanding and ii am not even comment on charactercharacters of those gangsters :)
I think Bloomkamp is one hit wonder and his Alien may crap
Jan 29, 2005
Just caught It Follows at the theater, it was extremely meh, I give it some props for doing something different, but I really don't understand the 95% it has on Rotten Tomatoes.

The whole concept of the movie was stupid to me, thought if they executed the concept different it would have been a lot better.

I give it 2/5


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Jan 23, 2006
Rich City
Just watched Selma with my son. It was a very good movie, tough to watch at times because it's not only graphically violent but it all actually happened. I can watch gory horror flicks but seeing Oprah marching across the bridge and getting hit in the head with a police baton made me cringe. I suggest everyone watch it.

And for a Siccness twist think of stewie griffin saying cool whip, it's the way white is pronounced by everyone in the movie
Feb 10, 2006
Horrible Bosses 2- What the fucc did I watch! Holy shit that movie was trash. I literally wasted 2 hours of my life last night. I really don't know why they're trying to make Jennifer Anniston this freaky lady, it just doesn't sit well at all she succs at it. Charlie Day screaming in this whole movie was hella annoying as well. Jason Bateman is becoming the new Vince Vaughn, same role, same expressions in every movie.
Aug 20, 2006
Mystery Team. Some funny shit was said but it wasn't that funny. 5/10

The Pyramid. The biggest reason I watched this was cuz James Buckley from the Inbetweeners is in it. Shits garbage but there was a couple times some monster popped out and it caught me off guard. I would have loved to be able to sit in on a meeting where this was pitched to a production company tho. The monsters (no spoiler) were so fucking retarded. 3/10

A girl walks home alone at night. Black & white Iranian horror movie. Pretty similar to It Follows, so if you liked that you'd probably like this. 7/10