What bay rapper do you respect the most?

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Jun 30, 2005
im not askin who is your favorite rapper, but who do you respect for their hustle/ message/ content/ or whatever reason.

i gotta respect psd's hustle. ps really gettin it out here, he doesn't even need to rap. i respect quinn too because he stands for alot. he's one of the few rappers that pushes a positive message in his shit.


Sicc OG
Jul 21, 2002
San Quinn seems to have a real solid work ethic, puts out hella albums. Helps out alot of people by being featured on hella albums and its all quality. Plus hes speaks the truth and it isn't always the I'm a big time hustler pushing coke raps you get from alot of the dudes nowadays. Hes got a good message in alot of his stuff at the same time keeping it grimey. One of my favorite rappers too easily in my top 5. Hes one of the ones who shoulda blew up nationwide years ago