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English Gentleman
Dec 23, 2014
What the fuck you talking about, this shit is hella funny and like 110% accurate lol

You're the only dude to get banned for derailing threads and harassing people with gay photoshops, get unbanned early by popular demand, then go and vote for the dude you initially harassed to get banned. When that dude was supporting the movement of lifting your ban.

You're a piece of shit.

Now please stop quoting me or talking about me so I can leave this forum pleez and #THANKU


Deep Slumps
Feb 13, 2013
lol its funny because 85% of your posts about me are just constant repeats of the same unfunny jokes pierre once made as passing comments. And for some reason you chose to hang on like an autistic leech to the remarks that were never funny in the first place because they were based on nothing and make no sense. I just think you're a massive loser, and thats coming from a virgin with no friends who binge drinks in his garage.

You act like a fucking bitch and I don't know why seeing as you got no reason to say this shit to me all the time. I been thinking about it and by this point I straight up think you're a big time asshole.

Fucking hell I wasn't even gonna post in this thread but you can't just ignore me, can you? Don't tell me what the fuck to do. Punk.

Now lets try again. I'm going to leave this thread. Please don't tell me to leave when I'm on my way out. cunt.
every single poster on the sicc could whoop your ass dude. even crazie locs with his spastic, karate chop-filled shadowboxing.