Unsuspecting Mom Fetches $13,000 For eBay Nintendo System Auction

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Aug 18, 2002

A mother from Haw River, North Carolina recently rummaged through her kids' old things in their basement and came across an old Nintendo Entertainment System with five games. She posted it for sale on eBay (under the username lace_thongs35), and to her surprise, the auction ended at over $13,000.

According to the folks over at HotBloodedGaming.com, old Nintendo systems are not super hot commodities, it was one of the five games that was ULTRA RARE that caught collectors' attentions.

The five games included: TMNT II: The Arcade Game, Super Mario Bros 3, MLB, the combo Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt cartridge, and an ultra rare title called Stadium Events.

The title ranks at #6 on a list of 20 "Holy Grails of Console Game," a list that covered all gaming systems in all countries, according to Wikipedia.

A report from NBC says that only about 2,000 copies of the Stadium Event title were produced in the '80s, and after a recall, that number was reduced to about 200.

Today collectors who follow the sale of rare games believe only ten complete copies of the game still exist, and this was apparently one of them. The NBC report says the box itself is valued at around $10,000.

Let the lace_thongs35 jokes begin
Mar 1, 2006
Stadium Events is what made the price so high, every video game collector needs that game to finish their NES collection. Half need the packaging because they only have the cartridge that's why the box itself is worth so much. That's not counting the 1990 Nintendo World Championship Gold and reg edition cartridges.