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Jan 29, 2005
Gangster rappers and gangsters who rap are nerds

"Realest shit I ever"

Shut up and sit down nerd
I was just thinking this last night when I was listening to Benny The Butcher. He was rapping about "real" cases and "real" drug deals and used the line "but that case is still on going, so I can't say too much".

Then why say anything at all you fucking dork? Dude was basically dry snitching all over a song just to try and prove to a bunch of majority white kids that listen to his music how gangster he is.
Props: StillHustlin
May 7, 2013
Not even sure if this is unpopular but bitches my age wear this ugly ass nose ring, not the stud but it’s kinda like a bull ring or whatever I don’t even know but that shit is an instant pass
TF breh u looking for a wife or just want to hit it? I will take em with or without....I just don't do butter face bitches....although I still accept gifts from them lol