to troll a predator

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Apr 25, 2002
By Elaine O’Connor

CHILLIWACK, B.C. — A group of Chilliwack vigilantes have been warned again by police to stop luring and then exposing potential child sex offenders.

The youths made headlines last month with a series of “gotcha” videos posted to their “To Troll A Predator” Facebook page.

The four young men, aged 17 to 30, posed online as underage girls promising sexual encounters and then lured potential predators to public spaces and accosted them dressed as superheroes, such as Batman and The Flash.

They posted at least three videos on YouTube, garnering hundreds of thousands of hits and acclaim.


Mac Jesus

Girls send me your nudes
May 31, 2003
The age of consent was 14 years old back in 2008.
I still question the logic behind that one.

Now it's 16, but still...
It was 14 for over a century. It's one of those laws that were in the books and just never changed until recently. To put it in perspective in the states the age of consent in the 19th century was 10-12 in most states while in Delaware it was only 7.