The MEXIES '09

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28g w/o the bag

politically incorrect
Jan 18, 2003
metro's jurisdiction
Best thread that got the Open Forum actively participating

moet_laureate's "this yahoo live shit is entertaining"

tiddies, harassing women over the internet, and getting banned from yahoo. Yup. That's how the siccness rolls!

Get your frownie face posting ass down here and pick up your MEXIE!

i would like to thank all the neteno's, surfreno's, and MS Internet Explorer 13's who inspired me to strive, survive, and be the best thread poster i could be

Feb 9, 2003
No. She's got an A/b cup. I posted a pic of her in lingerie not too long ago. You motherfuckers really need to keep closer track of what I do. Sometimes I come through for all of yall.

how do me and prodigy1 not get any props for posting funny pictures...

tisk tisk
This tread is a work in progress. Plus I'm only up to March. I'm digging every OLD thread and nominating people from there. No HAD props though. HAD I think was 2008 shit.