The MEXIES '09

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Allez Les Bleus 🌟🌟
Feb 27, 2006
Paris, France
Best E-Slang created on the Siccness for 2009

Tiddies. I garnette that saying garnette is hilarious but I actually stopped saying
tata's, jugs, tits, hooters, fun bags, chichis, pechos, or any other variant. Even when eating my burrito
de carnitas and I see a fine latina coming out the taqueria I yell out, "oye puta! echame un taco de ojo de tus tiddies!"
That line works all the time 60% of the time.

So I give this award to Dhadnot!

Mexie for you my brotha.

i'm hoping i at least get consideration for a best e-slang mexie for _____ areolas, breh.


Rest In Free SoCo
Sep 27, 2004
Some words for the Mexieless, remember this is a marathon, not a sprint. You can't go hard and then fizzle out, you gotta have posting stamina. You have to be able to consistently get the lulz till it's just second nature. If lulz distribution is not your cup of tea, then you need to find a way to reinvent your screen name. Look at fillyacup, he couldn't even get lulz if he fell out of a roflcopter, but if you notice in due time there will be his name at the bottom of the post, saying thanks, giving props, spreading the love like rubbing your dick over the face of a frightened hooker before you slit her throat, throw her in the trunk and dump her body in the bay. Just remember, if you set your mind to it and post like there's no tomorrow, then you might just walk away from your computer with a coveted 2010 Mexie.

Take it from me, 1 & 1/2 time Mexie winner, Defy.

lol ouch

Lol, I thought the same, but then I noticed there are some posts he won't prop. So it's gotta be a pretty stupid post for him not to prop.

Congrats, fillyacup!
she understands me

i would like to thank HAD through all things on sicc are possible. see, there is a complex standard that i comply with to prop somebody. some may think my practices are either elementry or to heterogeneous (no fag) but in order for my process to be accutate i myst accumulate a mass variety of alacohol and consume said mass quantity. those that dont get propped, be humble. your post just dont got it. but check the propscans, you have been propped by me before. i mean i got a whole thread for me, i'm honored for that alone. and when i got tied up with the boring real world, questions were asked. people were worried. prayers to HAD were sign seal delivered. thanks to all and have a blessed new years

thanks mexcom for the last minute mexie, i hold it in pride
lol wut the fuck

i dont understand me
Mar 18, 2008
Worst promotional tool

Calling yourself Ugly Nigga was horrible and some of these gay ass berner banners taking over the siccness actually had some of the first name club (and yours truly) contemplating about chipping in and buying the ad space so we'd never have to see that shit again!

but it still didn't beat the wall paper ads we had/still have?

I can't see them no more cause some one (forgot who) schooled the siccness on firefoxes ad block.

This MEXIE goes to you good sir for teaching me how to block images I dont like!

Lol. Worst promotional tool LMFAO!!!