The JUDGMENT of a sucka

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May 8, 2002
The JUDGMENT of First Degree The D.E.

As I’ve told you before, Gods judgment day has arrived. It is time for all of us to be our best, and be one with all. Because I’m so sure of this, I’ll go first. ;)

Note, I’ve been enlightened by God and can see clearer than ever before. The confidence God has put in me now gives me the ability to share my judgment publicly for the good of all of you. I have sacrificed myself for you.

I reflected on my life through Gods eyes. Possessions, education, albums, power, all didn’t matter anymore. The ONLY thing that mattered is what I’d done for others. What we do to sustain the flow of the universe was what was important.

In my life, I’ve helped the economically challenged in the hardest neighborhoods in Sacramento for 15 years. These neighborhoods include the heard of 29th st (Florin Meadows, 4 yrs), G Parkway (4 yrs), Valley High (3 yrs), Burbank (3 yrs), and more. I learned that this is my purpose. This is what matters most in my life. Continuing to the well-being of others, including your family and friends, is a key step in getting me into the gates of heaven, and eternal bliss as seen in His vision.

Another step is SELF REFLECTION, which, of course, is what this is all about. The judgment of my rap career wasn’t so good. I had done positive songs for the flow of the universe like “Link In The Chain” and “To Be Someone”. For years, I’ve heard how those songs inspired people. That is what I was supposed to do.

I also had songs like “White Girls On Drugs”, “Torturing Women”, and “Interracial Sex”. This was me putting negative energy into the universe. The result of this negative energy is my name being scorned by energy on this site, a site I’ve been on since the beginning. Rest assured, it’s the energy I gave off, not my actions, that gets my name scored by some. Anyone that knows me, or has a strong mind, will not believe the slander. However, I blame myself for the energy. It is my fault. Out loud, I’ve asked for God’s forgiveness for my negative songs, and He has forgiven me. His judgment is all that matters.

Upon reflection, I’ve remembered there are 5 people in this world that I’ve done wrong. LISICKI is one of them. About 12 years ago, he paid me for a chorus and I didn’t deliver. Arrogance is to blame. I’ve remembered all this time because that’s the only time that’s ever happened. As a result of me giving him this negative energy, he purposely lied about and changed some emails he maintained, knowing that that the weak mind would fall for it. He was right. During those emails, I was 30 and the girl was 20. I was single, she was single, who cares, it was 6 years ago. The stronger mind would have asked, why is LISICKI talkin to an underage girl. The truth is neither one of us was.

Do not blame Lisicki for this game you fell for. This was my fault, I planted the seed of negativity and non-respect. I have apologized to him for disrespecting him 12 years ago and he has accepted. There are 4 others that I need to apologize to ASAP!

During my rap career I’ve focused on gaining power, went after money, participated in lust, chased money, fell for my own arrogance, and was greedy. I was drawn to the devil’s tricks. I wasn’t that bad, but I wasn’t the person I knew to be. Out loud, I’ve asked for God’s forgiveness. Apologizing to God is the Great Cleanser.

If you have ever listed to my music, you know it was all about purpose and a search for the truth. Well, my friends, we’ve found both. Purpose is in with God and doing for others, to maintain balance of the world, that is purpose. That is the truth.

No man of this earth would think of making this song. Coming off these two Strange projects, a man of this earth would be after the spoils and looking to gain more fans. Instead, God inspired me to use the moment to teach. I did not come up with this song. I was instructed by God to make it, and it was perfectly timed for His judgment day. The reason this song exists is to convince all to respect and be understanding towards others. That’s all. Its purpose it to show all that we need to work with the flow of the universe. We are one.

Now that the shock of this song has worn off, listen to the words. This song is about loving, respecting, giving, doing for others. I understand this song focuses on a small amount of white people holding folks back, but I’ve also got a song coming about ignorant blacks that hold us back. It will all make sense.

This is the judgment of First Degree The D.E. PLEASE TAKE MY PUBLIC JUDGMENT AS INSPIRATION TO REFLECT ON YOURSELF AND BECOME A BETTER PERSON. I am no different than you, that’s why I’ve done this for us. I beg, you, work with the universe. We are all the same. God is here.

It is judgment day. Love for others is your worth.

I’ve been enlightened by the Lord, and this is what He has told me to share with you.


EDIT: The only bit of The Lord inside of you is the One that's telling you you're using His name in vein.

Keep it moving, DE.
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