The "In My World...." Thread

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Apr 14, 2003
In my world... you could give any chick(not just strippers) a dollar and she would gladly rub your face between her tiddies.

In my world... dank would grow on the tree in my back yard.

In my world... Gas One would be president.

What about you fuckin goonz?
Feb 11, 2006
In my world dana would be my friday night booty call
In my world I would be able to reach thru my pc screen and slap da shit out of online E-thugs runnin there finga tips
In my world I could get caught with half a pound of weed and get off with nothin but a pat on the back and then I'd be really up on that bus right now headin to collect my winning lotto ticket


Sicc OG
Apr 11, 2009
lol... 10 billion. thats a little extensive dont you think? Fuck it. It's your world.

In my world, The Siccness would be an actual place.
I need workers n shit to build stuff.

Plus I wouldnt ever have to move much, they would be carrying me around and I'd use them as a chair.


Sicc OG
Jan 28, 2008
In My World:

Rapperz wouldnt be able to buy their ragz

Lil Wayne, Tyga, Justin Beiber, Drake, Birdman, and Jason Derulo would be shot by firing squad

Weed would be sold just like cigarettez

Bad credit wouldnt exizt

Internet tough guyz could be killed by the clicc of a mouse

Ticcetz to NBA and NFL gamez wouldnt be so damn expensive

Gaz would be .79 centz a gallon

No copz would be racist

Money would grow on treez

Racism wouldnt exizt

Radio stationz would stop playin gay azz shit and start playin real muzic

Siccness would be a dive bar we could all chill at and not juzt a forum

There'd be a Phil'z BBQ on every corner like starbuccz

Bitchez would show they tiddiez and pussu juzt by sayin "H.A.D. said show em"
Feb 14, 2009
In my world Tits or GTFO woule be in full tits would mean instant deportation
In my world Shea would be the Minister of TIddes
In my world San Jose would be the Capital of California again.
In my world Fillya would be incharge of the ATF


thats just my ghost
Oct 31, 2002
in my world all you fuckers would post in LMTWLTE NSFW... even Dana!

in my world joints would be free like the penny in the tray type of thing

in my world all the bills I have paid would have to be paid back to me with interest

in my world police would just be people in dunk tanks that cost you nothing and could be found all over the place so when you pull up at the store you could just dunk them in sewage if you could throw the ball straight with no limit on how many tries you get.

in my world... you would have propped this post ... lulz
Aug 23, 2002
In my world there would be no STD's and only could make babies when your ready so I could fuck any bitch bareback without problems.

In my world beer would be delivered to your house... for free.

In my world there would be no commercials on t.v., cable didn't cost money, and dvr came standard on every t.v.


Rest In Free SoCo
Sep 27, 2004
shea would be president of united states of the sicc. 20sixx, coldblooded and i palookied your moma would be the ambassadors. basically they would be our legion of doom for any sucker ass country wanting to test the sicc ya hurd.

dana would be cloned so the real dana could do what ever she wanted since she is the new mother nature. but the clone would do the work while the real kicks back and chills and shit. the clone would be tatted with HAD on neck so we know whose who when the final battle between the two goes down.

emma would be rich as fuck.

armens only problem would be what blunt to smoke with what gold chain.

9er, fiddie, iller and the cup-one would go on a yearlong fishing trip around the globe with mass amounts of alcohol, drugs and herbs. taxi boats would come every 6 hours with new woman to please us and bait our hooks when needed.

likgoon would own the OS android and pretty much run anything computers. he would be our bill gates, but not a gweek