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Sicc OG
Jul 3, 2002
This is just some little shit I did in about 15 min...
My delivery is Sick...But I just want some opinions on the lyrics...Ok?...

NOTE: I'm fuckin' helllllaaa perved! lOl

Loadin' up clips and takin' drags off stoges got me sittin' comftrable on Vogs
Laced with white wall tires, Sparkin' blunts, Smokin' fire
So you best a Retire
Bitch i'm a hitman for hire
So when I come near ya better Disapear with Fear
Just hop in your ride and Stear but keep peepin' in ya rearview mirror to make sure the coast is clear
Now you thinkin' I wont find ya HA! bitch I'm right behind ya
Pull up next to you
Roll down my window let out the cloud of indo
You look down at the shining Vogs and when You look back up at me You got a 44 pointed at your Nose
That's when you froze and thought about if you been fuckin' anybodys Hoez
With no Hesatation I pull the trigger and watch the Disfiguration
on your face when the hot Lead penatrated ya Head
Knowin' ya Dead
Now I ain't tryin' to catch a case so I gotta get the fuck out of this
Place with No Discrase watchin' my back
Kuz this bud was laced
The Mark got Earased
Mr. 4T4 is on a Cheddar Chase!


Sicc OG
Jul 3, 2002

x-kalibur said:
what do you mean by little kid?
Did I say anything about little kids?... lmao!...NO!..Whatever Ur smokin'...lay off of it for a while homie.

Originaly posted by x-kalibur
just seems like your talkin down on youngsta's and Im young soo mane if ur gona talk down ur gonna battle me

Please explain to me how I'm talkin' down on youngsta's....

....Oh yeah and thanks for ruining my thread with your bullshit.

Mr. 4T4