Tapes and cds for sale... some great stuff in here!

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Apr 25, 2002
Make some legit offers for the rare stuff... i'm open to offers....

Totally insane direct from the backstreet (small water damage on cover tracklist)
Hook boogie this way or that way
Mace the fatal lapse
Imp imp doggs
Dre dog new jim jones
Mac dre whats really going on
Dmoe do u feel me
Hook boogie doin my ghetto thang
Potna duece thats my potna single
Hcu gangstas hustlas comin up
Rally ral something kinda funky
Cool e welcome to hell
Ben b hard just a matter of time
Chunk marked for death
Dj mt brown sick and wicked
Celly cel deep conversation sealed
Mafiosos take cover
IQ reality check
Sideways livin that life
EZSD game to be sold original pressing

Bg chopper city perfect condition
Bg chopper city sealed
Dogg pound dogg food ok condition
Something for the whodis. Sealed promo notch in spine
Myth mythmaen propheceez sealed
Knitwit knitty gritty tha next lick in sleeve
Silkk da shocker my world my way sealed - promo notch in spine
Protect ya neck vol1 sealed promo notch spine
Rbl posse an eye for an eye 2nd release
2 sav still savd out
Strong arm robbery vol2
Khadafi american pimp
Coo coo cal still walkin
Tech n9ne the worst og ok condition
Mr serv on life insurance -promo notch on spine
Himalayas partners in rhyme
Chino xl told you so
Cashis the county hound
S 2 the B the rising ok condition
Coo coo cal walkin dead
Coo coo cal disturbed
Lil wayne the block is hot
Westside connection gangstas make the world go round single
Deco d prime example sealed
Lil keke birds fly south sealed
Twista legit ballin ok condition
Brotha lynch hung now eat og sealed
Richie rich 1/2 thang sealed - promo notch in spine
Gucci mane back to the traphouse sealed
City on the hush comp
Lee lee the troublemaka chasing glory
West next comp
Petey pablo diary of a sinner
Big mack doin it live cd single
Cbos mob figaz sealed
Knocturnal these trees ok condition
Kory d the blunt sessions
Caught up soundtrack promo copy
Twista legit ballin 2k
Slo o game over
Scarface made
I got the hook up soundtrack promo notch spine
Gumbo mix lV
Hogg boss hoggin my way
Eazy e eazy duz it
Wc the shadiest one ok condition
Lil flip underground legend 2 cd
Lethal da chozen few
Beelow ballaholic
Tear da club up thugs 36 mafia crazy n da laz dayz
Nitti street life v 1
Nuttso the movie
17 reasons screwed and chopped
Scarface the untouchable
Suga shaft the gladiator
Hot boys get it how u live
Seattle the darkside
Hot boys let um burn
Tech n9ne the worst 2k edition
Urban legends comp
8ball and mjg comin out hard
Northern expozure 1 2nd press.. bayside
Xraided and kingpen city of kings sac a indo project
Droop 90hate bootlegz collectionz 2 cd set
Above the law black mafia life
Droop presents Lethal weaponz sealed
Syko sykotherapy
Young fierce sinful living righteous intent
Hellraza hell razed us
Silk da shocker charge it 2 da game promo notch spine
Chamillionaire the sound of revenge 2 cd
Mddl fngz trouble
Ms chambers dont judge a book by its cover
Tmh evolution
Bg checkmate. Ok condition
The relativez dirt money ok condition
The mobbaloti
Mack 10 first album
Luni coleone total recall
Haystak car fulla whiteboys
Mr yayo dem might dollas sealed
Cdubb grippin the game
Maurice j presents new west
Master p if i could change cd single
Northern expozure 4 og
Scareface my homies 2 cd
Jayo felony whatcha gonna do 2 cd
50 cent the new breed 2 cd
Mr doctor sworn in.. 95/01 sealed promo notch spine
Scoob nitty the black tony montana promo notch spine
Nelly brass knuckles sealed
Makaveli og ok condition
Juvenile the g code
Young swoop g world dont take me personally a lil scuffed up
Bgz true story
Do or die picture this ok condition
Road dawgs dont be saprize promo print on cd
Sly boogy judgement day
No limit all stars who u wit promo notch spine
Cmurder bossalini promo notch on spine
Suave house. Ok condition
Ruff ryders ryde or die ll
Jerzey mob comp
Ganxsta nip pyscho thug
Chino nino knockem wit game
2pac r u still down 2 cd
Friday soundtrack
Ice cube war and peace v2 peace disc
St lunatics free city
Tha eastsidaz duces n trays
Bg chopper city in the ghetto ok condition
Kay 9ine tha 9 cocked back
Cpo to hell and black
8ball almost famous
Eminem the marshall mathers lp
Ms parle one bad mother comin atcha
Big ed the assassin promo notch spine
Cmurder life or death
mad clique dont hate me
The show soundtrack ok condition
Gumbo mix 8
Big tymers i got that work
Bad azz money run sealed
West next comp sealed small promo slice no spine damage
Mr short khop da khop shop
Nelly nellyville
Jd instructions
Big hamm fist fulla dollars
Silkk da shocker made man promo notch spine
Gmo ballin4life
Luni coleone and hollowtip wanted dead or alive sealed
Droop moment of impakt sealed
Droop moment of impakt og press sealed
Droop moment of impakt new cover navarre sealed
cmw we represent
Mc eiht section 8
Mc eiht th8tz gangsta
Crucial conflict the final tic
Legendary traxter all hell breaks loose
G-idez presents pcp
11/5 fiendin 4 tha funk
Boondox krimson creek sealed
G-idez lyrical angel dust
Cellblock compilation
Young bleed my own
Kali's finest stay ahead of the game
Mia x mama drama promo notch spine
Twista adrenaline rush ok condition
Chronic 2000 still smokin 2 cd
Mc eiht death threatz
Eazy e eternal e 2 cd
Boyz n da hood soundtrack ok condition
St lunatics
Ugk side hustles
Eazy e wanted 5150 home 4 the sick
Do or die.headz or tailz
Notorious big ready to die
50 cent get rich or die tryin 2 cd sealed.. collectors
Screwed up click underground houston sealed
Dba the album
The popper the turning point
Gambino family ghetto organized promo notch spine
Khia thug misses
Kane and abel rise to power
Cbo one life 2 live sealed
Fully loaded
Da eastsidaz
Rich boy sealed
Webbie savage life 2 sealed
Yukmouth killa klump im good
Grizm deployed the brigade
c-loc ya heard me
Kurupt streetz iz a mutha
David banner baptized in dirty water
Ray cash cash on delivery
Ezsd game 2 be sold 2nd press
Gumbo mix 6 w/ dj mad idiot 2 cd
Young noble noble justice sealed
Central valley bad boyz explosive
Central valley bad boyz 2 .. 2 cd sealed
Crooked path which way is up promo hole back
Myth evolutionz sealed
Screwheads forever and a day 2 cd promo notch spine
Soulja slim Give it to em raw .. promo notch spine
Jayo felony take a ride
Snoop dogg no limit top dogg
Snoop dogg the last meal
Mc eiht last man standing
Mack 10.bang or ball
Mack 10 paper route
Mack 10 the recipe
Southside posse the anticpation of death .. rare
Project dawgs when game unfolds
Lockdown records uncontrollable.. rare valley. Ok condition
Mausberg nonfiction
Sugafree street gospel
Xzibit restless ok condition
Controversy sellz ok condition
E40 charlie hustle ok condition
Steady mobbin black mafia promo notch spine
Edawg how long
We from the lbc sealed
Juvenile juvie the great
Funk daddy is tha source
Ti trap muzik
Kane and able am i my brothers keeper promo notch spine
Killafornia organization
Mac dre thizzelle washington
Scarface the fix
Kastro and edi blood brothers
Tha dogg pound 2002
Awax savage times og sealed
Brotha lynch hung season of the siccness
Hitman solo creep
Amw criminals
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