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Apr 25, 2002
FUBU Outlet
Why did the last tread get erased? I wasnt stepping on no bodys toes from SLR! I was just talking shit to the back stabing fans! and sticking up for SYKO, R' ppl not allowed to stick up for him? If I typed something up puting SYKO down would have you made it a "VITAL" Post?
May 18, 2002
I think D-Sane is tired of his board getting clogged wit stupid "beef" or whatever. I have nothing against Syko (in fact, I loved "Sykotherapy") and Im not on either side, but tha talk about hatin on Syko and vice versa is senseless. We should be givin props for music, since this is a music board, and supportin each other! Lets jus all get long............:classic:

Mr. D-Sane

Sicc OG, muthafucka
Apr 25, 2002
Because I don't feel like looking at the shit. You would feel the same way if you bent over backwards and worked your ass off for a bunch of ungrateful kids.......just so they could turn around and hate on you because their little MTV/BET pipe dream didn't come true. Or because they THINK you owe them some money for an album that you can't even recoup on......and they never got out and promoted or hustled. They don't seem to grasp the concept......"Artists don't make money until the label recoups ALL of the money it invested in the project." Not just the price of printing a CD.......but the 50 other things that cost $$$ too.

I mean many units do they think I have sold? Most of my recoupment and project money has come from Muthafuckas act like they're goin' gold or platinum and not gettin' paid. Muthafuckas ain't even goin' aluminum.......but got these funky-ass "I'm the shit" attitudes. Whatever.......WHO MADE YOU THE SHIT? I'm sick of weak minded muthafuckas anywayz.

We'll see who's where in 5 years. Until then......handle your business and leave well enough alone. Or don't..........
Not open for further replies.