Stock cd player/changer + navigation in 2006 Lincoln Navigator

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Aug 12, 2002
I'm thinking about switching out the stock head unit in my vehicle for an aftermarket one, so that I can connect it to the flip down monitor and headrests...

How would I determine the value of the head unit, if I was going to toss it on ebay? I can't find it anywhere.

Also, any suggestions on a head unit to use...I'm looking for cd/dvd/mp3/mp4 + navigation, that will work with my monitors.

Aug 9, 2006
id keep the stock personally just in case something happens...if you gotta sell it id call the dealership for thier price and go to ebay/craigslist from there with your price...

as for navigation units there are few "good" ones to choose from but there is different stlyes and of course they go from cheap to expensive, most if not all should be able to hooked up to screens if you get the right wires to connect it with....the newest pioneer is badass, 7"inch indash...

they have Double-din knock offs on ebay that are pretty legit...i have 1 in my ladys car because i just got the pioneer and took it out of my truck, they are only 3 bills compared the 900 you will pay for the pioneers or in the 400-600 youll pay the eclipses or other cheaper has everything you want plus back up camera/blue tooth..its "oversized double-din" so id check and double check it fits your truck if you go that route....

hope that helps...fuck the raiders