Smigg Dirtee 'So Consistent' Video Premiere

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Jul 7, 2002
JJ da BABAY said:
This is CG...Good lookin... Just poppin my head in to see whats goin on.... Whats good though homie?

Chillin man...i've been out here in the PHX for a minute. I'll be movin back to Dago next January probably. I'm gonna be out visiting this weekend though, so get me your #. I talked to Smigg on Thursday and he said he should be in Dago this weekend too, so we gonna hook up. You, Steezo, JJ, Smigg, me, and whoever man. Get some drank and shit. Let me know if you down.

My team shootin every time like killin it dawg!!!
Mar 31, 2005
i ordered the album from the mom and pops store out here, but i got a question. is the song at the end of the so consistent video on the album? i didnt see anything i thought it could be called on the tracklist. i thought maybe it might not be on there, like if they were saving it for an a-team album or somethin. if any body gots some info post it up for me. thanks
Feb 21, 2006
Man C.G. is dope! thats my Fam. this Dubie thanks for the props in the thank yous on your album C.G./ . Smigg we got history but you forgot about your real homies hooking up all these nobodys man you got no history with them cats. its all good though hope you blow up !!!