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Jun 27, 2002
Strength dedication perserverance and persistance
I'ma do what ever it takes as god as my witness
Yeah ima get it it might take a minute
But when I'm in it
The overwhelmin feelin of fulfillment
Enough to clear my mind and lift my spirits
cause this negative livin might get the best of me if I let it
Feelin like I got the world on my shoulders
Lost track of who I was and I don't like the part of me that's taken over
Lost touch wit it all,now my nightmares a reality
Wit my back against the wall and can't even turn to my own family
But ill be damned if ill be stuck in this position
And this way of livin
I wanna be big face foldin n flippin
Instead of penny pinchin
My past indecisions and inability to break away
Got me questioning my life and missin mykids n wife damn near everyday
Its a hard bed to lay in but I'm the one that made it
Aint got no one to blame
Just chalk it as a loss and charge it to the game
It'll never be the same..
(Feel my pain)
.I open a vein and bleed all over this track
I done been there..done that, yet I still remain a humble cat..
tappin my the black n mild
A crooked smile wit shifty eyes
And you can tell from my facial expression somethin else is on my mind
I keep my third eye wide cause when its open it can see thru the lies
To the truth you try to hide
And the the secrets that you keep inside...
And at I times I might resort to desperate measures to get the truth
One mans trash is another mans treasure
And that bitch is living proof
Do what ya gotta do to get it
Stay level headed
Don't let the unexpected get you off balance
You can take the easy money or choose the challenge