SCANDALOUS clarksville,tn

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probably it's wrong place but they are pretty rare so i ask to big tennessee collectors an help

i got both front cover and og cds of both their album

hated playas
the resurrection

i'm looking for good quality scans of both back covers so i can have them complete

thanks any help super appreciated
May 27, 2006
hey chop resurrection has a clear tray and the backcover is printed on both sides, guess you just have 1 side scan.

anyway i wouldnt reprint those backs just leave it as it is, looks strange dont you think?

i have seen the first scandalous "hated playas" on ebay sellin for around 300$. resurrection i have never even seen on ebay. i think it would sell incredible high if it ever surfaces because its supertight from music 2 artwork, just a perfect release.