RIP Gas one

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Dec 17, 2002
My great friend and Siccness legend Gas01 has passed in SoCal. Me and Robert met on this website in the early 2000's when I lived in San Diego and we both moved up north to the Concord/Dublin/Antioch/Pittsburg area around 2009. After drinking gallons of lean and smoking endless blunts we have too many amazing memories to post. Robert moved back to SD around 2019 but we have always stayed in close contact. After not seeing a single twitter post for over a month I did some digging and found his mother on Facebook and seen the tragic news on her feed that she had to bury her only son on June 29th 2023.

Long Live Gas One aka Robert Lloyd Gauff

Dec 17, 2002
my last convo with with Gas two days before he passed. He just got out the hospital, his mom didn't want them to release him but he begged her and said he wanted to pass at home, she agreed and two days later after laughing and being in good spirits she went to be to find him the next morning and he was gone.
Jun 27, 2002
RIP to a real one.....dude was around almost as long as I was, and did just as many drugs as I did back in the day.

We both stalked the streets of the Red Light District on here, and we both needed and used the Detox as our stomping grounds.

Sad to see another name be highlighted in white, our siccness comrads are slowly passing over to the other side....sadly, natural causes arebt too far away and sad part of life

Our own mortality become more and more evident as the years pass on, the siccness was a home to many of us in our wayward years, sadly we come back to honor those that passed...the laughs are gone and were faced with harsh reality of life

We all grew up in many ways on this site, and I salute the fuck out of the cats keeping it running to this day

Y'all be safe out there....hopefully the next ccq isnt hosted by Duggans...

One love..

RIP to the home finally hit the brakes on him
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Dec 4, 2006
Had to jump on the Siccness one last time, Gas Uno was a solid individual. We met up a couple of times to blaze a blunt, Rob was the one that pushed me to get into photography and for that I thank him to this day. We had a talk about him being in the hospital and told him to take care of his health, he said he'd be okay and didn't hear back from him for a few. Chree hit me up today and that's how I found about his passing, I'm lost for words. I hope he's now in a better place and no longer in pain. 🙏🏽