Rich The Factor Best Albums

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Sicc OG
Jul 21, 2002
@ GHP they are on the Swaggeroid collection.. Can't remember which one originally but definitely there
Thanks, I found the tape on the net awhile back. The sound quality is beyond shitty though. I was thinking of running the track through some of my recording software to try to remaster that shit lol
May 27, 2015
Kansas City Mo.
You trippin fam Rich always had dope production. I feel when Freshstrated and Kev died a little bit of Rich the Factor did too. All of Rich's albums from the O.G Pole Position to Platinum Coated were entirely produced by them. A few beats here and there weren't but they produced id say 90% all of the beats Rich rapped on from '96 to '02. When they died it wasn't long after that Rich started doing mix tapes. Miestro had dope slaps and he took over and started producing for Rich and the MFR camp in like 2007 but he was murdered a few years ago a lil while before Rich and Boy Big got locked up in 2013. I'd say the worst production of Rich's entire catalog would be the mix tapes even tho I love every single one of em. One thing I can say bout Rich is he never had wack production when it was original