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Dec 6, 2002
Here you go folks, taken from
It should say "Chilee", spelling mistake.

Chille Powdah and Moss Da Boss are both Richmond representatives. Despite pretty developed discography they still haven't earned greater acclaim among northern California rap fans. The first artist has already released numerous albums including the most recent "Stunnaz On My Face" and "Code Of Loyalty", while Moss has mostly recorded local mixtapes, but he also has a group album under his belt - a 2002 "Looks Can Be Deceiving" in collaboration with Kuzzo Fly under the name of Kuzzos. The beginning of 2010 brought their joint street album, lead by Rico Rossi of Real Rich Entertainment.

The currently reviewed "Underground Heavyweights Vol. 1" is available for free download due to extensive promotional campaign; links are provided below. Don't expect to receive yet another mixtape filled with played out mainstream beats. One of the album's advantages is the 100% original production brought to you by Rico Rossi, among others. Because it is a non-profit endeavor, distributed mainly digitally, the label decided to go with a modest slim case with a high quality front cover only. The beginning of the cd strikes the listener with an unexpected avalanche of sounds. The first couple of tracks are filled to capacity with heavily modern music with lots of electronic samples in the background; with a mainstream / TV feel to it. I need to admit that I flinched, as this is far from traditional Bay motives, however after a couple of spins I started feeling this oversaturated mixture. On the other hand I'm still not able to listen to gaudy "Rhinoceros". Due to the above it is best to bump "Underground Heavyweights" loud in your car system and let the rhythm kidnap your body. Fortunately there was also room for less vigorous songs, among which you may find nice, calm, pimpish cuts such as "All In Her Ear" or "Take Control". If you want to hear a little more about hollering at chicks and taking them to the nearby mo-mo, there are always additional "She Love My Style" and "Gettin' In My Mode" for you. Rappers will most probably not surprise you with lyrical content of their verses, so you'd better get ready for a portion of bragging (for instance "You Know I Ball"), money stacking ("Grind For The Paper") and representing Richmond ("My City"). Both artists came out decent as they can smoothly handle any pace without problems, plus they often tend to put good quality rhymes into their bars:

She was happy when I found her
I said "come and have a drink with a big money counter"
Yeah the shots kept comin'
How I look? She said "stuntin'"
One bottle, two bottle, three, it's nothin'
Yeah, she see me outside sittin' on them leather buttons

However it doesn't change the fact that both Chilee and Moss show too little emotions when they are on the mic. Each track is the same as far as expression is concerned, they only thing that differs is the tempo of spitting words. It's a real pity that "Underground Heavyweights Vol. 1" is such a short album - it doesn't even last 40 minutes altogether. It was mainly caused by the tendency not to record full-length 16-bar verses. All artists mainly focused on 12- or even 8-bar instead. And this is plainly audible, as the hook shows up too fast. That is why additional verses by guest appearances are of much importance out here; they let us bob a head a bit longer. I haven't been familiar with the majority of features from here, yet I need to admit that all of them impressed me. The final thing I may complain about are uncomplicated, computerized hooks, with only a couple of words looped - plenty of such. One may think that chorus is not a significant part of a track, but eventually thanks to it a particular cut stays on our mind. The best ones were featured on these pimp / sex type of recordings; that is why I consider them catchy and one of the brightest parts of this project: "All In Her Ear", "She Love My Style", "Gettin' In My Mode" as well as "Take Control". All in all, Chilee Powdah and Moss Da Boss recorded a decent album with a few glitches, whose main purpose is to provide a 40-minute long dose of a high power entertainment. They managed to fulfill it, yet it could be better if songs were longer and hooks of better quality.

Rico Rossi, thank you for providing a copy for the review.
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[email protected] - Chilee Powdah - Moss Da Boss
Dec 6, 2002
Tracklist for y'all:
01. Underground Heavyweights f. Dough Gunna
02. Henny & Bacardi f. Troy The Barber
03. Rhinoceros
04. Grind For The Paper f. Beeda Weeda
05. You Know What I'm Talkin' Bout f. Ya
06. All In Her Ear
07. She Love My Style f. PZ
08. Gettin' In My Mode f. Gemimi
09. Take Control
10. You Know I Ball f. Cydwaiz
11. Four 18's f. Bully Wiz
12. My City f. Matt Blaque