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    Hey bro, life beat me down 4 the last few decades - never meant 2 rip anyone off. I'm not like that, character wise, I fucked up homie. Ive been goin thru more shit than anyone ever should. I'll make it right, damn near ALL my shit is professional pressed now.

    What do I owe you & how do I send it 2 you? Holler at me: [email protected]

    Skitsofrenic (15 year collectors edition from 2011)
    Razor Blades & Bloody Bathwater
    Eclectic Fusion
    Hits & Contracts (backordered)
    Cocktail Napkin Poetry
    Koid - Left 4 Dead
    Sympathy for the Damned
    Rebel Without a Cause
    Lyrically Speaking
    Leftovers (V1)
    Current Events
    Social Insecurity - Mood Swings
    Birth Control (V2) <backordered>
    Sleeping thru the Mourning
    Face the Music
    The Washgate Tapes (1990-1993 underground tapes on one CD)
    Smoked Out - backordered
    Lost - backordered
    Stockton City Limits - backordered
    and more
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