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Mar 11, 2005
suspect#1 said:
rip the album with windows media player in mp3 format preferrebly 192 bit rate. then zip up the album using winrar which you can get from, after the album is zipped go to then simply enter your email (you dont have to) and choose the album for upload, it then should take anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on the size, the browser will change and there will now appear a link for you to throw up on here, copy and paste the link onto here and we are good to go
I don`t know why, but when I rip an album in Windows Media Player they automaticly turn into WMA-files with a 128 bit rate ( I got the newest version of the Windows Media Player).
I downloaded a program to convert WMA-files into MP-3`s, but is it somehow possible to choose the preferred file-format and bit rate when you rip albums in Windows Media Player??
Apr 25, 2002
ok homie do this

open windows media player and up in top right hand corner there is an upside down triangle...clikc on it and open tools then click on options and choose rip music then go to rip settings and choose mp3s and change the quality to 192...hope that is understandable
May 1, 2002
suspect#1 said:
^^^hey folks, is that vbr better then 192?? cuz i have a gang of albums that are vbr and some shit is encoded in less then 128...whats the deal with that?

Depends on who you ask. I suggest you try a cd that you own, and use the different bit rates for ripping it. then listen to them and see if you can hear any differences..

I'd suggest that you use LAME 3.96.1 - preset standard..

preset standard is pretty much a VBR mode of a VBR mode.