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I aint done had ONE of my requests filled but I fill in lots of peeps req, shits getting posted from ALL over the net..and most peeps who been in this shit already got all of it... Dvious you actually fillin in some blanks, people dont know its rare because they havnt seen it on a million peoples request list and album cover folders on the net god dammit....
and dvious aint the only 1 filin in blanks of course thers alot of rare shit posted all de time.. chink for example.. shits fetty and wasnt expected in this thread..

rare isn't the same word as it was a couple years ago in my opinion.

I still got hella rare shit though :)
yo mistasmokalot-what all do u got by ec illa? can u make a list up homie?
I donno, EC Illa isn't my fav artist I think I've got most all of his albums/eps/tapes on mp3, or can get them, and everything else I know of from the ill state assasins, but I am sure there's ALOT I don't have...I'll try to make a list but I'm not the guy to go to for that older hip hop chicago sound, I'm more into the gutter gangsta shit :D

sorry for shitty rip on track 01, I didnt even notice that till today, I guess that's why you should never use wma to rip, peice of shit, if I have time Ill re rip track 01